'I'll kick you off the show!' Michelle Dewberry in furious row with guest over 'snide comments'

Michelle Dewberry and Michael Crick

Michelle Dewberry was embroiled in a festy row with Michael Crick

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 21/09/2023

- 21:09

The GB News host took issue with Crick's 'patronising' remarks

GB News host Michelle Dewberry was embroiled in a fiery debate with guest Michael Crick during a discussion on whether Britain should rejoin the EU.

The clash culminated in Michelle threatening to boot Crick off the show as he made “snide remarks” about The People’s Channel.

The fiery back and forth stemmed from Crick’s suggestion that the UK should rekindle closer ties with the EU, asserting that many Britons “regret” their decision to vote for Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

Challenging the assertion, Dewberry questioned how the broadcaster “knows” whether Brexiteers are now suddenly in favour of closer ties with the EU.


In a perplexing turn of events, Crick opted to focus on Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting regulator, suggesting they are “on the case” of GB News.

Dewberry snapped back at the remark, saying: “Good. Good for Ofcom, we are regulated in the same way as everyone else.”


Crick interjected, commenting: “If they had any backbone.”

The GB News host took exception, hitting out at Crick’s “snide comments”, before asking Crick to clarify his “backbone” statement.

Michael Crick

Michael Crick took issue with Dewberry's EU remarks


“If they had any backbone to regulate you properly”, he said, before Dewberry slapped down his “patronising” nature.

“Don’t be patronising to me Michael, I will kick you off my show, I’ll tell you that for one”, she added.

Crick responded by saying he will “go now”, with Dewberry willing him to do so, only for the guest to remain in situ.

Alan Miller weighed in on the clash, accusing Crick of “acting like an adolescent”.

Michelle Dewberry

The GB News host hit out at Crick's 'patronising' tone


GB News has always taken pride in being regulated by Ofcom, with CEO Angelos Frangopoulos regularly highlighting that the channel chose to broadcast via a linear service rather than online only because it values impartiality.

The clash had stemmed from Sir Keir Starmer’s EU remarks in Canada, where he said that he “doesn’t want to diverge” from EU rules.

The more the UK and Brussels “share a future together” the less friction there will be between the two, he can be heard suggesting in footage obtained by Sky News.

The Labour leader has hinted he would seek to a closer relationship with with the bloc if he wins power but has exercised caution in discussing these plans publicly.

The comments have come under fire from Brexiteers such as Ben Habib, who branded them “utter lunacy”, suggesting Starmer intends to water down Brexit.

Senior Conservative figures such as Foreign Secretary James Cleverly also hit out at the remarks, questioning what Labour “stands for”.

Labour sources rubbished the Conservative criticism and called on the Government to “come clean with the public on which standards they want to reduce”.

A party spokesperson said: “We don’t support dynamic alignment.

“We’re not joining the single market or the customs union.

“We will not be in a situation where we are a rule-taker.”

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