John Bishop, 57, branded 'unprofessional' for last-minute show change amid Euro 2024 final clash: 'Disrespect!'

John Bishop

John Bishop has announced a last-minute alteration to one of his shows after England's Euro 2024 semi-final win

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/07/2024

- 13:17

The comedian was set to perform in Wolverhampton on Sunday night

Comedian John Bishop, 57, has sparked a rather divided reaction from his fanbase after making a big change to one of his upcoming shows.

The touring stand-up comic is set to perform in Wolverhampton on Sunday evening but took to social media on Wednesday night to announce the timings would be changed at just a few days' notice.

The reason for the decision is to do with a timings clash with the Euro 2024 final in which England will take on Spain.

England saw off the Netherlands on Wednesday evening to reach the final and just moments after the final whistle, Bishop took to X, formerly Twitter, to reveal he'd be altering his live show's start time so he could watch the finale.

"Regarding my show on Sunday evening…… #itscominghome," Bishop posted in the caption of the video announcement.

In the clip, Bishop told his followers: "This is a message to all the people coming to Wolverhampton on Sunday. I'm not doing the show at 8 o'clock.

John BIshop

John Bishop is one of the UK's best-known comedians


"The show's gonna get moved to the afternoon. You're all gonna get an email in the morning telling you the time.

"I know it won't suit everybody so anyone who can't make it, we'll give you a refund but we're definitely gonna move the time to Sunday afternoon.

"There's no chance I'm gonna be doing it at 8 o'clock because I'm gonna be busy watching these boys," he signed off as he turned the camera to show Gareth Southgate's team celebrate.

The move was met with some less-than-impressed reactions from several of his followers, with some raging it was "outrageously unprofessional".

On X, one fan replied: "That is such unprofessional behaviour to be honest. So a football match makes you inconvenience people who like you but maybe don’t like football."

"How unprofessional! That’s ridiculous!" a second fumed before a third weighed in: "Total disrespect for your fans."

"Outrageously unprofessional thing to do imho," another echoed before a fifth revealed their travel plans were thrown out the window.

"Train gets in at 5. FANTASTIC! A Scotsman now with f*** all to do and a hotel for no reason," they said.

However, amid the fury were several who applauded Bishop's decision to allow gig-goers who were football fans not to miss the game.

Hitting back at the backlash, one argued: "A lot of people calling John ‘unprofessional’ for moving one show forward… I know it’s our second final in three years, but hear me out… it’s - pretty much - a once in a lifetime event. Give the lad the night off."

Gareth Southgate's

Gareth Southgate's England team will face Spain in the Euro 2024 final on Sunday night


A second agreed: "Nah, if I had a ticket for Sunday I’d want him to change the showtime too.

"The Venn diagram of John’s audience would show a huge overlap with those wanting to watch the game. Good choice John by trying to bring forward showtime rather than cancel in favour of another date."

And a third echoed: "Right decision. It’s a great show and I’m sure lots of people would like the opportunity to see John and then watch the Final in the evening.

"Better than playing to a half empty venue or where the audience are trying to watch the game on their phones." (sic)

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