Michael Douglas, 79, admits Biden age concerns are 'valid' as he makes feelings clear on damning calls to step down

Joe Biden: Michael Douglas

Joe Biden: Michael Douglas has added to the pressure on the US President

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/07/2024

- 12:28

The Democrat leader has faced growing calls to step down from the next presidential race

Michael Douglas, 79, is the latest Hollywood A-lister to wade in on the debate surrounding whether or not President Joe Biden should run again in this year's US election.

Biden, 81, has sparked concerns about his capability to run the country in recent weeks, particularly after he floundered during a televised debate against Donald Trump, 78.

George Clooney hit headlines this week when he wrote an op-ed calling for Biden to step out of the running while former US politician Nancy Pelosi has also added to the pressure for him to back down.

Biden has stood firm, however, with his camp insisting he still plans to run to be re-elected later this year.

Appearing on US talk show The View yesterday, actor and long-running Biden supporter Douglas was quizzed on whether he echoed the sentiment held by Clooney.

"This is such a tough one. I adore the guy. 50 years of public service, a wonderful guy, and this just happens to be one of these elections that is just so crucial," he told the panel.

The View: Michael Douglas

The View: Michael Douglas shared his verdict on the US presidential race on the ABC talk show


He continued to Whoopi Goldberg and co: "It's really hard. I don’t necessarily worry about today or tomorrow but a year down the line, I worry. I am concerned."

Trying to find solace in Biden's response to the calls, Douglas added: "I can make it a little back and forth, I'm looking at some of our politicians who spoke about Biden dropping out last week and now this week they're hedging their bets...

"He dug his heels in, we need courage, we just generally need some strength and courage on the side of both parties."

Soon after, Douglas was grilled on Clooney's op-ed specifically, to which he said of the concerns over the President's age: "I think it’s a valid point.

"I’m deeply, deeply concerned. I mean, especially it’s difficult because the Democrats have a big bench, they’ve got a lot of heavy hitters, a lot of talent.

"And I do worry because with the debate… I mean, it was relatively simple - first of all, they should have just told the President to stand up, put a little makeup on him for the debate and then where to look, and just don’t deal with all of your facts – just deal with [Trump’s] lies."

While Douglas admitted his concern, Goldberg chimed in to reiterate her support for the 81-year-old.

"You can't win in this game, I really feel bad for him," she said of Biden. "If he can't do the job and we see he can't do the job then he's gotta go, but until I can see that, I'm gonna support him."

Pressure has mounted on Biden following his heavily-criticised performance during the debate with Trump.

Clooney claimed in his opinion piece that while he was "devastated to say it", he feels the fight against time is "one battle [Biden] cannot win."

Joe Biden recently met new Prime Minister, Keir Starmer

Joe Biden recently met new Prime Minister, Keir Starmer following Labour's election win in the UK


Criticising the debate performance and how his demeanour transferred into a recent meeting the pair shared at a fundraised, Clooney said Biden "wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020" as he added: "He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate.

"Our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn’t see what we just saw. This is about age. Nothing more.

"We are not going to win in November with this president."

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