Janet Street-Porter defends I'm A Celeb's Nella Rose as she blasts 'patronising' Fred Siriex amid row fury

Janet Street-Porter defends I'm A Celeb's Nella Rose as she blasts 'patronising' Fred Siriex amid row fury

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/11/2023

- 15:26

I'm A Celebrity fans were not impressed with Nella Rose's behaviour after Tuesday evening's show

Nella Rose has been defended by TV presenter Janet Street Porter amid floods of complaints about her behaviour in the jungle.

During Tuesday's episode of I'm A Celebrity, Rose refused to talk to Fred Siriex and insisted they couldn't be friends after he "disrespected" her by saying he was old enough to be her father.

Rose took offence to Siriex's remarks following the death of both of her parents and made her feelings known in a passionate rant at the First Dates star.

The I'm A Celeb star's behaviour resulted in a vast number of ITV viewers raging, with several branding her "entitled", "disgusting" and a "snowflake".

However, one person who has defended Rose in light of the complaints is Street-Porter who branded Siriex "patronising" and a "weirdo".

Her comments arose when fellow TV personality Olivia Attwood said during a televised discussion: "Where she [Rose] went wrong was where she was saying (Fred is a) weirdo -"

Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter has defended Nella Rose


"But he was a weirdo to her," Street-Porter interrupted. "In Nella’s defence, I found Fred incredibly patronising.

"I mean, he’s not serving food in a restaurant now, he’s not dealing with difficult customers.

"I can see that what he said to her could’ve offended her and also, looking at her backstory, her parents came from the Congo, they went to Belgium, both of her parents died within a few months of each other…

"But that’s not Fred’s fault," co-star Jane Moore argued but Street-Porter doubled down: "It’s not Fred’s fault and he will not be aware of it, but that will inform how she reacts to him.

"And also I would hate to see as a result of this that she gets voted out of that camp because to me, the mix of people in the camp and to make the show work we need people like her.

"I'm not saying that in a patronising way, I think she has a voice that others don't have and I find that Fred is more of the same, frankly," she concluded.

While Street-Porter may be on Rose's side, it's safe to say those who watched her views on Loose Women weren't convinced.

Reacting to her opinions on X, formerly Twitter, one person fumed: "Is Janet ok? He made an innocent comment! We shouldn’t be calling people weirdos. #LooseWomen."

Nella Rose

Nella Rose argued with Fred Siriex in Tuesday's episode


"Sorry Janet you're completely wrong with your view. Just trying to be controversial as usual.#LooseWomen," a second weighed in.

Elsewhere, a third fumed: "Janet Street Porter actually criticising Fred. She’s lost it. #LooseWomen."

And a fourth hit out: "No way are people defending #Nella I'll put money on it she gets worse... who the f*** is she... #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #LooseWomen."

The complaints kept coming as a fifth commented: "No excuse Janet , the way Nella reacted and spoke to Fred was disgusting, he made a innocent comment he's old enough to be her dad, #GetNellaOut #LooseWomen."

While a sixth raged: "Wow Janet!!! You are totally wrong. Fred did nothing wrong and really had nothing to apologise for. Yes it must have been awful to lose your parents. But Nella needs to say sorry to Fred and grow up #LooseWomen."

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