Eamonn Holmes launches fresh explosive attack on Phillip Schofield: 'Lies, lies, lies lies, lies!'

Eamonn Holmes and Phillip Schofield

Eamonn Holmes launched a fresh attack on Phillip Schofield this morning

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 05/06/2023

- 08:14

Updated: 05/06/2023

- 09:12

All eyes are now on This Morning today, with Willoughby to host the show for the first time since Schofield announced his departure

Eamonn Holmes lashed out at Phillip Schofield for telling "lies, lies, lies, lies, lies", ahead of Holly Willoughby's return to This Morning today.

The GB News presenter criticised the interviews given by his former colleague last week as he accused him of still failing to tell the truth.

On Thursday Schofield gave two tell-all interviews in which he said he had “lost everything” in the wake of his affair with a younger male colleague and told of a “catastrophic effect” on his mind.

All eyes are now on This Morning today, with Willoughby to host the show for the first time since Schofield announced his departure.

Discussing her return, Holmes said on GB News: "She's been on a two week half term break again after the departure of her former co-host, who admitted to having an affair with a younger male colleague and then continued to tell lots of lies."

Taking a further swipe at Schofield, he added: "[There's] lots of things he's said, which we're not supposed to criticise in case he harms himself, but there you go he still thinks he can get on and tell lies. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies."

Speaking to the BBC last week Schofield said the criticism he had faced since admitting the affair had left him suicidal.

"Do you want me to die? Because that’s where I am," he said.

Referring to the Love Island host who took her own life in February 2020, he added: “I think I understand how Caroline Flack felt.”

The 61-year-old said he was sorry for the hurt he had caused to Willoughby after previously denying the relationship to her, as well as to his family and his young lover.

He said he would "die sorry" for what he had done adding: "I did something very wrong and then I lied about it consistently and you can’t live with that."

"Last week, if my daughters hadn’t been there then I wouldn’t be here.

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby is due to return to This Morning today


"And they’ve guarded me and won’t let me out of their sight, it’s like a weird numbness," he said.

"I know that’s a selfish point of view. But you come to a point where you just think, how much are you supposed to take?

"If all of those people that write all that stuff, do they ever think that there’s actually a person at the other end?"

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