Dancing on Ice fans left baffled over ‘shocking’ scores as they claim four skaters were ‘hugely overmarked’

Dancing on Ice fans left baffled over ‘shocking’ scores as they claim four skaters were ‘hugely overmarked’

Dancing on Ice's Adele Roberts skates to Little Shop of Horrors

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 25/02/2024

- 19:53

Dancing on Ice contestants performed once again for a place in the final of the skating competition

Dancing on Ice fans have become fed up with the judges once again as they claim their scores have been unfair and “overmarked”.

Tonight, the remaining skaters took to the ice and performed to songs they would call their guilty pleasures.

Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards kicked off the show and skated to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, and scored his personal best of 33.5, followed by Miles Nazaire who performed to Genie in a Bottle, scoring 37.5.

Ryan Thomas brought Club Tropicana to the ice and the judges gave him 35.5, before Greg Rutherford stormed the stage with his boyband performance of Bye Bye Bye, landing him a score of 38.0.

Amber Davies channeled her inner Abba and skated to Waterloo, making it back to the top of the leaderboard with 38.0 points.

Adele Roberts stole the show with her beautiful performance to Jane McDonalds You’re My World and made it to the top of the board with a score of 39.0.

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie was scored 33.5 for his performance despite being wobbly


However, whilst the contestants were pleased with their scores many of the viewers at home were furious and claimed the judges had already picked who they wanted in the final by over-marking them.

Edwards and Thomas both tripped up a couple of times during their performances, with Davies not skating on her own as much as the judges had previously said they would like to see.

Nazaire was marked down after the judges said he needed to use his expressions more – but despite the criticisms, they still topped the board despite near perfect performances from Roberts and Rutherford.

Taking to their X accounts to express their annoyance, one viewer commented: “Ryan was better than Miles. Should have gotten a higher score. #DancingOnIce.”

Greg Rutherford

Despite a near-perfect skate - Greg was only given a score of 38.0


“Miles and Vanessa were overmarked. If there's expression and performance to work on, surely that's more than 0.5 off. Johnny's score was the most accurate. #dancingonice,” another agitated viewer said.

“Those scores just show who they want in the final #DancingOnIce,” a third quipped before another fumed:” Those scores were a bit high considering she hardly danced on her own!!! #DancingOnIce.”

Echoing what many other viewers thought, one viewer exclaimed: “We need judges that understand that if the skater makes mistakes, then you don't give perfect scores!.”

“Absolutely ridiculous scoring. #dancingonice,” another simply stated. (sic)

Dancing on Ice

Dancing on Ice judges were slammed


Adding to their scores this week, the contestants were split into two teams and were given the task of competing against one another as Mods and Rockers.

The winning team – which consisted of Rutherford, Roberts and Thomas – received an extra point to their score, leaving Roberts with a staggering 40.

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