BBC The Apprentice viewers baffled as Phil saved despite double firing in ‘car crash’ episode: ‘Embarrassed!'

BBC The Apprentice viewers baffled as Phil saved despite double firing in ‘car crash’ episode: ‘Embarrassed!'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 28/03/2024

- 22:45

Updated: 28/03/2024

- 22:47

Viewers were left cringing and 'hiding behind a cushion' over the awkward episode

A fan-favourite episode of The Apprentice aired this week, with the contestants taking part in the notoriously high-pressured shopping channel task.

However, viewers ended up labelling the instalment “embarrassing” and disagreed with Alan Sugar’s decision to keep Phil Turner in the process.

The two teams were tasked with selecting items to sell on the TV shopping channel, splitting into behind-the-scenes and on-camera sub-groups.

While both teams struggled, the group led by Raj Chohan ended up making far fewer sales and found themselves in the dreaded Bridge Café to mull over what had gone wrong.

Chohan and co-star Maura Ruth had fans and their teammates cringing as they presented the items on the channel, with Chohan unsure on what to say and Ruth accused of “screaming” during her segment.

The duo were informed they broke records with the channel receiving several complaints about the two women. On the other hand, Paul Midha presented one of the items and managed to take to the skill smoothly, selling plenty of products.

However, Chohan and Ruth fronted the remainder of the items despite struggling, leaving Sugar confused about the decision.

Phil Turner and Maura Ruth

The Apprentice candidates were tasked with TV selling


With the group of five brought back to Lord Sugar in the boardroom, the 77-year-old made the decision to allow Midha to return to the house without debate while he interrogated the remaining four about why they'd failed the task.

Despite the group turning on each other and fighting for their places in the competition, Sugar came to a decision as to who was to blame.

“This is a selling task,” the business magnate pointed out, adding: “Your selling skills, Raj, although you say they are good, were not good in this case.

“The salesmanship was no good whatsoever and Maura, I’m sorry but you turned people off.

The Apprentice

Fans were baffled that Phil had been saved despite losing every single task


“You created complaints. I think the project manager should have pulled you over when she watched you and saw you doing it. And for that reason Raj, I think you are responsible.”

Sugar proceeded to fire Chohan but later decided Ruth also had to be sent packing. Viewers watching the episode were left gobsmacked by the chaos but were also surprised by Sugar’s decision to keep Turner in the process despite him being in the losing team every week so far and being accused of “not contributing” to the TV selling task.

Taking to X, one fan wrote: “This isn’t a car crash - it’s a motorway pile-up! #TheApprentice.”

“I'm hiding behind a cushion! I'm embarrassed for these absolute morons! Dying on their a***! #TheApprentice.”

Maura Ruth and Raj Chohan

Ruth and Chohan were fired after their chaotic performance on the shopping channel


“I’m embarrassed for them. Stop screeching! #TheApprentice,” another pleaded, while someone else added: “Wtf... Phil survived the onslaught #TheApprentice.”

“Genuinely don’t understand how Phil is still here… #theapprentice,” another agreed.

A different viewer echoed this, sharing: “How the f*** did Phill stay hasn’t won once? #TheApprentice.”

"I’ll say it time and time again, Lord Sugar knows everyone’s business proposals and Phil’s must be top-notch despite him losing every task. Lord Sugar knew his final 3 day one of filming #TheApprentice," one person theorised. (sic)

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