Ant McPartlin admits 'I was meant to think that' as he apologises for slip-up in Fred Siriex trial preview

Fred Siriex

Fred Siriex takes on the latest I'm A Celeb trial

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/12/2023

- 09:35

First Dates star Fred takes on Celebrity Distressing Rooms in Monday's episode

Ant McPartlin leaves co-host Declan Donnelly keeled over with laughter in Monday's episode after a first-look preview shared a glimpse into the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Following the controversial exit of Frankie Dettori, it's Fred Siriex who's tasked with trying to bag as many of the nine stars on offer as possible.

He faces Celebrity Distressing Rooms where he has to enter a number of different rooms all filled with creepy crawlies and other creatures while rummaging around for stars.

The preview for Monday's episode shows Siriex gear up to enter "Rat Damon's" dressing room.

"It's a play on Matt Damon!" McPartlin tells the campmates. "Nice and easy..."

"Start when you hear the klaxon," Donnelly weighs in before the siren blares out. "There it is! Two minutes."

Upon entering the room, it's no surprise that Siriex is surrounded by rats in the confined space.

Siriex begins to hastily rummage through the furniture as he attempts to find the stars - all while saying "hello" to the rats.

The First Dates star is tunnel-visioned on the task at hand as he appears to not be listening to Ant and Dec who are asking him how it's going.

In typical I'm A Celeb fashion, it isn't just rats that Siriex has to contend with as buckets of cockroaches and other critters are dropped on the star.

"30 seconds gone, Fred," McPartlin shouts but he soon has his attention diverted by one load of cockroaches being pelted at Siriex.

After hundreds of cockroaches land directly on Siriex's head, McPartlin quips: "Oh, eh, that was a good one!"

Donnelly begins to laugh before McPartlin puts his hand to his mouth and admits: "Oops, sorry I said that out loud.

"I was just meant to think that," McPartlin adds while his I'm A Celeb co-host is doubled over in hysterics.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec laughed at the former's slip-up


Fans will have to tune into Monday's episode to see if Siriex has what it takes to bag all nine stars and feed the camp with a hearty meal.

ITV viewers will also be saying goodbye to another campmate following Dettori's exit on Sunday.

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