Expat living in Spain shares what 'frustrates' him about living there following recent 'changes'

Expat living in Spain shares what 'frustrates' him about living there following recent 'changes'
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Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 08/03/2024

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Spain's booming tourism industry is reshaping the country

Britons hoping to relocate to a warmer European country often turn to Spain for its idyllic weather and culture.

Over the years, however, the country has succumbed to many changes due its evergrowing tourism industry.

A man who moved to Spain years ago is warning prospective expats of the different ways “touristification” is changing the country.

In a YouTube clip posted from the account Spain Revealed, content creator James explained that many local bars have disappeared since his arrival.


James claimed touristification of Spain is reshaping Madrid


“When I moved to Spain I fell in love [...] with Madrid,” James declared in the clip. Over time, however, the expat's admiration has given way to frustration.

“In short what I loved was Madrid’s idiosyncrasy, but over the years I’ve watched as that idiosyncrasy has been eroded," he explained.

“A lot of chains and franchises have moved in and a lot of [....] neighbourhood shops have been pushed out.”

Historic parts of the city of Madrid used to be filled with old bars and quaint little shops “selling things that the neighbours needed”, James explained.

Today, many of these “old men's bars”, as James calls them, have transformed into currency exchange hubs.

“The idea of an old man bar in Puerto del Sol now is just unthinkable,” the expat added.

“I hope you permit this one video about the aspects of Spanish society that frustrate me.

“I love celebrating my love for this country but it still frustrates me the changes I see in Madrid.”

Another pair of expats recently discussed some of the biggest cons of living in Spain on their personal YouTube channel, where they cited scorching temperatures as a potential deterrent for retirees.

In their clip, Amelia and JP spoke exclusively of the famous Andalucian region, which stretches across the southernmost tip of the country.

“If you want to sweat like Clint Eastwood then you’re gonna wanna be there in the summer, because it gets really hot here,” explained Amelia.


Malaga Spain

Booming tourism in Spain is changing the country


“Too hot for a lot of people like me. It actually hit 111 degrees Fahrenheit last July in Malaga.”

It comes as an initiative is set to launch in Spain to help restructure the hospitality industry.

Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Employment and Social Economy, said new rules will be introduced to reshape opening times that are “not reasonable”.

The initiative also hopes to improve working hours for staff in the hospitality industry, setting an example for broader changes to come into place across the country, according to the politician.

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