The best cities for British expats to move to with one country dominating list - top 10

Helsinki Finland

Helsinki took the number one spot

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 13/11/2023

- 07:00

The best places for British expats to live have been shared

Whatever your reason for moving abroad, experts shared what spots are the best to head to.

This looked at a range of factors to rank the best European city for expats.

This includes factors such as affordability, walkability and happiness.

Perhaps surprisingly, a city in Finland took the number one spot in the research by Travel Far and Wide.

Lausanne Switzerland

Lausanne in Switzerland was a close second


Best cities for expats

1. Helsinki, Finland

2. Lausanne, Switzerland

3. Bern, Switzerland

4. Prague, Czech Republic

5. Munich, Germany

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

7. Stuttgart, Germany

8. Vienna, Austria

9. Basel, Switzerland

10. Zürich, Switzerland

Helsinki was found to be the best for expats, scoring highly for safety and happiness.

It also ranked favourably on walkability and nightlife.

While it wasn't number one, Switzerland was the most popular country overall.

A huge four out of 10 cities on the list are in the country.


Prague was among the top cities


Lausanne ranked the highest of the Swiss cities and scored particularly well for happiness, nightlife and walkability.

Bern, Basel and Zürich were also voted as places to consider in Switzerland.

This comes as the worst place for expats to move to was named.

If looking to stay closer to home, the best places to visit in the UK have been shared.

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