Sky Glass TV viewers can claim a free gift worth £290 as prices slashed to just £14 in blockbuster sale

sky glass tv with sky live camera mounted on the frame showing people watching football from different homes in the UK together

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 24/04/2024

- 05:00

For a limited time, Sky Live is included for free with every Glass TV

Upgrade to Sky Glass and you'll be sent a Sky Live accessory worth £290 free of charge.

And that's not all. The generous giveaway arrives as Sky TV has cut the cost of its Sky Entertainment bundle of live channels, on-demand boxsets, and a Netflix subscription. You'll pay £0 for the first three months of your new contract, leaving only the cost of the all-in-one Smart TV — dropping your monthly bills as low as £14.

Sky Live launched last summer with a flurry of exclusive apps, games, and new ways to watch Sky TV. This nifty accessory, designed and built by the team behind the all-in-one Sky Glass, snaps to the frame via magnets and brings an ultra-wide 12MP webcam and microphone array to the 4K television.

a woman is pictured squatting in front of sky glass with the sky live camera filming her

Mvmnt was developed specifically for the Sky Live hardware. It includes over 100 interactive classes, which are plotted into six-week courses to help you achieve your fitness goals. The camera enables real-time feedback, so you'll never push too hard when your form isn't correct


With Sky Live connected to your Glass TV, an exclusive menu of new experiences will be unlocked within EntertainmentOS — the operating system that powers the television, which will enjoy a slew of new features when a major update starts to roll out in the UK next month.

Sky Live unlocks 130 interactive workout classes, from HIIT to yoga, via the fitness app Mvmnt. Using the camera, Mvmnt can offer personalised real-time feedback on your form. Chest-worn heart monitors and smartwatches can also be used with the service, which is included free of charge to all Sky Live owners.

Video call app Zoom has also been updated to support Sky Live, enabling you to begin or join an ongoing call from the comfort of your sofa. Sky Live will automatically ensure you're in the centre of the frame, even as you move around the room. You can share a presentation from your PC to the big screen too.

Sky Live also allows you to watch live and on-demand sports fixtures, shows, and blockbuster films with friends to see and hear their reactions to what's happening on-screen in real time. Playback is synchronised across Glass TVs in up to 12 households anywhere in the country, so one person can pause the action for everyone while they dash to make a cuppa or discuss what they've just witnessed.

To start watching the FA Cup final or the latest Mission Impossible movie with friends, everyone on the call will need a Sky Glass television paired with Sky Live and whatever TV package you're watching — yes, unfortunately, others on the call won't be able to piggyback on your Sky Cinema or Sky Sports subscription. Unlike Sky Q and Sky+ HD, which lock you into an 18-month contract, Glass viewers can swap between TV bundles every 31 days, like streaming service NOW (formerly NOW TV).

Finally, Sky Live is packed with motion-controlled games.

Similar to the Wii Sports phenomenon, these games often require you to be up on your feet and wave your hands to control the avatars on-screen.

These experiences are designed to be family-friendly, so many of them centre on some of the biggest children's television characters, like Scooby Doo Sandwich Stack, PAW Patrol PAWsome Fitness, Peppa Pig – Jump and Giggle, and Lego Ninjago: Spinjitzu Academy.

More games are scheduled to launch in the coming months via a free software update.

Sky Glass combines everything you need to watch live and on-demand content from Sky TV, a Dolby Atmos-certified soundbar, and a 4K QLED panel into an all-in-one package. This Smart TV was the first product from the UK broadcaster to ditch the traditional satellite dish.

Sky Glass only needs a Wi-Fi connection to stream live television channels, streamers like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, and catch-up services like BBC iPlayer, ITVX, and Channel 4.

a family play motion-controlled games on sky glass with sky live

​Attaching a Sky Live camera to your television and you'll unlock access to a huge array of interactive games — all free-to-play 


With hands-free voice control, you can pause and rewind live television with a spoken command. Sky Glass will also intelligently recommend new shows across all channels and streaming services based on your viewing history and tastes.

It's available in three sizes — 43”, 55” and 65” — and a range of colour cases. You can buy the Smart TV outright, or spread the cost over 24- or 48-months with no interest. Prices start from just £14 per month.

The 55-inch Sky Glass was the best-selling television in the UK in 2023.

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