Gerwyn Price told by Phil Taylor how to shut up rowdy Alexandra Palace crowd at World Darts Championships

Gerwyn Price told by Phil Taylor how to shut up rowdy Alexandra Palace crowd at World Darts Championships

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Stuart Ballard

By Stuart Ballard

Published: 25/12/2023

- 15:15

Updated: 25/12/2023

- 15:34

EXCLUSIVE: Phil Taylor spoke to GB News ahead of Christmas Day about Gerwyn Price's complaints at the World Darts Championships this year.

Phil Taylor has brushed off Gerwyn Price's complaints about the Alexandra Palace crowd, insisting the Welshman has an easy way to keep the boo boys quiet.

Price has become a bit of a pantomime villain at the Alexandra Palace over the past few years.

His loud roars on stage have attracted boos from the crowd at times and the 'Iceman' has struggled to deal with the hostile atmosphere at times.

Heading into this year's World Championship, Price admitted to being "apprehensive" about turning up to Alexandra Palace due to the reception he was expecting.

Gerwyn Price and Phil Taylor

Gerwyn Price told by Phil Taylor how to shut up rowdy Alexandra Palace crowd at World Darts Championships

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The 38-year-old even called for the PDC to move away from Alexandra Palace, which has hosted the World Darts Championship since 2007.

But Taylor, who won three of his 14 World Championship titles at the famous venue, doesn't see any reason to move away from Alexandra Palace.

And the darts icon has some words of advice for Price on how to get the crowd back on his side once and for all.

"I think it's a fantastic arena. I really do. You won't get much better than that,” he exclusively told GB News.

"And the setting for it is absolutely fantastic. Beautiful place.

"As far as the crowd goes, it's Christmas. Everybody's in a party mood and they're gonna enjoy themselves.

"The only way to shut a crowd up if they're on your back, is to play well at the end of the day, they paid the money and they've come out and they want to watch a good game.

"It's only like a football match. [When the match] is a bit boring, the crowd will get a bit disinterested.

"The other night, he showed him up with his dart.

"He's gonna be one player to stop this week. I can tell you next week.

"They can get on your back.

"The sport can be very, very unfair at times. It's like in football taking a penalty [when you're] getting booed.

"Obviously, you're not gonna be in the best of moods because you're in the world championship and you're away from your family.

"But you've gotta you've just gotta push through it and just think to yourself 'it's only two weeks out of my life, and I could make myself potentially never have to worry about money ever again'."

Price had previously said: “I think it's only right that the tournament should move to different parts of the world, and then I'll have a better chance.


"Germany is becoming a huge market for the PDC and darts is growing massively all over Europe, so if they were to move it to Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales or Belgium I don't see any reason why they can't host it.

“I know darts has a lot of history invested in Ally Pally, but things change and you have to move on and move with the times.

"It used to be at the Circus Tavern, and with the way the game is going, and the strength in depth in all corners of the world, I think the tournament needs to have a new home now.

“Just change it up and make the game a bit fairer. The effect of a home crowd does help. I know it's hard to get a level playing field, but it's more even if you get equal opportunities.”

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