Jurgen Klopp references Luke Littler as Liverpool boss fires firm warning after Southampton win

Jurgen Klopp references Luke Littler as Liverpool boss fires firm warning after Southampton win

WATCH NOW: Sports round-up as Jurgen Klopp references Luke Littler after Liverpool beat Southampton

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 29/02/2024

- 08:30

The Reds are through to the quarter-finals of the competition

Jurgen Klopp has warned the media not to overhype teenagers Lewis Koumas and Jayden Danns after Liverpool's 3-0 win over Southampton on Wednesday night, citing Luke Littler as an example.

Both youngsters were on target, with Danns netting a brace, as the Reds booked their place in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

It is the first time in Liverpool's history that two 18-year-olds have netted in the same game for the club.

The victory was achieved just days after the Merseyside giants relied on their young players to beat Chelsea in the final of the Carabao Cup.

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Luke Littler

Jurgen Klopp made a reference to Luke Littler after Liverpool beat Southampton in their FA Cup clash


Yet Klopp, speaking after his side's win, has fired a warning.

The 56-year-old has cited Littler, insisting he doesn't want too much pressure being put on the shoulders of his young guns in order to aid their development.

He said: "I understand it 100 per cent but it is a little bit like the new darts sensation (Littler), it is fine for tonight.

"But from tomorrow, leave the boys in the corner, please. And don't ask: 'Where are they now? Where are they now? Where are they now?'

"They have a lot to improve and a lot to learn. And everyone who is with us, we should have our moments, they will have more moments than they ever would have expected, probably, so that is one thing."

Klopp also lavished praise on Danns and how the Liverpool star opened his account for the club.

"They are exceptional talents but of course it is not natural that a boy, 18, is calm as you like and just chipped the ball there (Danns's first)," he said.

"The second goal I would have expected him to be there because he saw when Conor Bradley shot that the goalie cannot take it.

"He really arrives in these moments and he was hoping the keeper couldn't hold it.

"We've said it a few times that the future does not look too bad but maybe the people don’t forget it when the transfer window opens.

"We have a couple of pretty promising players already, so don’t close the door for them with 12 signings.

"Joe Gomez saved our lives 20 times tonight and the kids kept us in the competition.

"So we can talk about the boys but but the real story today is Joe Gomez. The game he played today I have never seen before, with chaos around him, as a No 6 [for the first time], I couldn’t respect it more."

Klopp thinks Danns could have scored for Liverpool on Sunday.

And he's dubbed the Reds' youth set-up as 'exceptional'.

"He has striking instincts, I have no doubt about that. There is no youth level where you don’t have that.

"He showed in the final he arrives in the right moment, he was there three times - in a final - in his second outing for his boyhood club and with a longer toe he probably scores already in the final.

"That the goals have the same size in the youth department is cool because in a situation like that, chipping is really good.


Jayden Danns Liverpool

Jayden Danns struck a brilliant brace for Liverpool in their 3-0 victory over Southampton on Wednesday night


"Unfortunately I can tell you in his career he will miss chances as well.

"But for now, I can’t imagine what this must feel for the boys, it feels pretty good for me.

"But I know about all the problems we have around here and they don't have that so they can just fly. They deserve that.

"It is the week of the Academy. I am so happy to mention them again, just because it is exceptional.

"We should not forget Trey Nyoni came on tonight and he looked promising as well.

"Not in the squad as injured are Ben Doak, who had a few good games and Stefan Bajcetic, the same age group. Conor Bradley we don’t mention anymore in those circumstances.

Lewis Koumas Liverpool

Lewis Koumas struck as Liverpool beat Southampton in their crunch FA Cup clash


"Ben Doak we don't mention anymore in those circumstances, it is pretty special what is happening.

"It is really difficult as we have too many games for not enough players but somehow we found a way and we have to keep on doing that.

"We have to create, when we play here, the people created an atmosphere which is super special. I loved it.

"It was not a game in the first half where you can be ecstatic all the time, but the support we got, the feeling, I loved it.

"And in away games we need, whoever comes with us, to push from a corner to try and help us because it is tricky.

"We will see who can play on Saturday and that's unfortunately not a lot of time."

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