Gary Lineker says Paul Gascoigne would 'poo in England bathtubs after matches' as BBC presenter lifts lid

Gary Lineker says Paul Gascoigne would 'poo in England bathtubs after matches' as BBC presenter lifts lid

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 20/02/2024

- 13:12

The duo both starred for the Three Lions in the 1990s

Gary Lineker has claimed Paul Gascoigne would poo in England bathtubs during their time with the national side.

Both players were team-mates for club and country, having also had spells at Tottenham during their playing days.

They were part of the England side that flourished at Italia 90, only to agonisingly end up missing out on World Cup glory.

Lineker enjoyed playing alongside Gascoigne. However, not so much when it comes to sharing a bathtub together.

Gary Lineker Paul Gascoigne

Gary Lineker has hilariously revealed Paul Gascoigne would soil himself in England bathtubs for a joke


And the BBC presenter has now hilariously revealed Gazza would 'let one go' in the bathtub while speaking on Joe Lycett's Turdcast podcast.

"Gazza used to let one go in the big communal bath occasionally," said the 63-year-old.

"It’s not a thing anymore, but can you believe that’s how it used to be in sport?

"At the end of the game you would be covered in mud and whatever else, and you’d all jump in a bath together."

When quizzed on the size of the bathtub, he added: "They vary.

"Usually I would say the communial one would be like a big hot tub.

"There was no bubbles except when people farted, obviously."

Lycett then chimed in: "Or when Gazza s**t himself."

And Lineker added: "Well, yeah. It did happen on a couple of occasions, he'd do it for a laugh.

"You've never seen baths evacuated as quickly.

"Gazza always found it difficult to know where the line was. He was genuinely very funny on other occasions.

"He never lacked confidence to do a joke."

Lineker then proceeded to open up on his own experience of soiling himself, having done so during a match against Ireland at the 1990 World Cup.

He said he had a dodgy stomach on the day and said he was forced to 'shovel it out of his pants', admitting he acted 'like a dog'.

"The night before the game I started to feel a little bit unwell. I was up half the night with diarrhoea," he recalled.


Gary Lineker Paul Gascoigne

Gary Lineker loved playing alongside Paul Gascoigne for club and country


"Eventually they found the coverage.

"You can’t see any s**t but you can see me rubbing my backside on the floor like a dog, and shovelling it out my pants."

Lycett has posted the Turdcast podcast as part of a stunt to shine a light on sewage spillage in Britain.

Gazza, meanwhile, was known for being one of football's biggest entertainers both on and off the pitch during his playing career.

And he joked in 2019 that he used to 'fancy' Lineker, which made the BBC presenter 'all embarrassed'.

Paul Gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne is a national treasure with the England football legend always entertaining on and off the pitch


"His skin was beautiful and I fancied him and I told him and he got all embarrassed," he said at the time.

"I used to park my car up at his house and go into London and he used to get the parking tickets all the time, until he complained to Terry Venables and I got a bollocking."

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