Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer refuse to back down in response to Harry Kane after England captain's retort

Gary Lineker took aim at the media

Gary Lineker took aim at the media

Stuart Ballard

By Stuart Ballard

Published: 24/06/2024

- 15:58

Updated: 24/06/2024

- 16:02

Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer ruffled feathers in the England camp with their criticism of the match against Denmark.

BBC duo Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer have pointed the finger at the media for 'not being brave enough to ask their own questions' in response to Harry Kane hitting back at the two pundits.

Gareth Southgate's side faced heavy criticism for their disappointing display against Denmark last Thursday.

The match was shown on BBC with both Lineker and Shearer singling out Kane for not doing enough further up the pitch.

Lineker also described England's performance overall as 's***' later on 'The Rest is Football' podcast - a remark which was later put to Kane in his pre-match press conference ahead of the final group game against Slovenia.

The England skipper hit out at both Lineker and Shearer for their strong views and said former Three Lions players have 'a responsibility' due to the weight their words carry in the current dressing room.

Gary Lineker took aim at the media

Gary Lineker took aim at the media


He also took a dig at the pair of them for also being a part of England's long wait for a first major trophy since 1966.

"The bottom line is we haven't won anything as a nation for a long, long time and a lot of these players were part of that as well and they know how tough it is," Kane said.

"So it is not digging anyone out, it is just the reality that they do know it is tough to play in these major tournaments and tough to play for England."

He added: "Being as helpful as they can and building the lads up with confidence would be a much better way of going about it."

But Shearer and Lineker have now issued a response to Kane, doubling down on their criticism of England's performance against Denmark.

Lineker said: “Could you imagine if we went on and said, ‘Well, actually, I thought they played really well’? We’d be lying, for a start. Because they didn’t play well. And Harry knows they didn’t play well.

“I understand where he says, ‘But they have responsibilities being ex-England players and they should know, they know what it’s like, it’s not like they’ve ever won anything’, or words to that effect.

“Fine. And he’s absolutely right. But I will say one thing, the last thing in the world we want to be is downbeat and critical. We want the England team to perform well on the pitch. The best punditry of all is when England play well and we’re excited and we’re enthusiastic about them.

“We don’t want to be critical but we have to be sometimes. We have to say it.”

Lineker also accused journalists of 'stirring the pot' and being 'too scared to ask a question from their own selves'.

Harry Kane hit back at Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer

Harry Kane hit back at Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer


Shearer added the criticism was nothing 'personal' against certain individuals and doubled down on their words.

“The simple and easiest thing is, have England played well, or did they play well, in that game against Denmark?" Shearer said.

"No, we were terrible. So, we have to say that. If England are brilliant, we’ll say they’re brilliant. That’s just the way it is.


Alan Shearer doubled down on his criticism

Alan Shearer doubled down on his criticism


“I’ve no problem with what he said and I wouldn’t take anything back we said. England were really poor.

“The vast majority of the country and, even the boys themselves in the squad, will know. They were awful against Denmark.

“There were hardly any positives at all. But we also said that, ‘One spark and that could easily kick them off and start the tournament’.”

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