Christian Horner gives emphatic verdict on signing Lewis Hamilton for Red Bull amid F1 rivalry

F1 news Lewis Hamilton

F1 news: Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have toiled so far this season with Max Verstappen dominating

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 13/11/2023

- 09:51

The Briton has struggled with Mercedes this season

Christian Horner has opened up on the possibility of ever signing Lewis Hamilton for Red Bull.

The Briton currently races for Mercedes, having joined the Silver Arrows all the way back in 2013.

Hamilton has been largely successful during his spell with Mercedes, winning six F1 titles.

In recent years, however, the team have struggled with Red Bull now very much the sport's dominant force.

F1 news Christian Horner

F1 news: Christian Horner has ruled out the possibility of ever signing Lewis Hamilton for Red Bull


Hamilton failed to win a race last season as Max Verstappen cruised to glory.

And the Stevenage-born racer has been unable to secure a place at the top of the podium so far this year, with two races remaining.

Hamilton signed a new contract with Mercedes earlier this year that ties him to the team until the end of 2025.

And Horner has now ruled out the possibility of the 38-year-old joining his team while he's in charge.

“A Verstappen and a Hamilton, that’s never going to work because you kill your own car,” he said on the ‘Eff Won with DRS’ podcast.

“You need to have a dynamic where the drivers drive for the team, not just for themselves.

"Otherwise, it can become very divisive.”

Hamilton and Verstappen have a fierce rivalry in F1.

The Briton felt he was robbed of the Formula One crown back in 2021, when Verstappen reigned supreme in Abu Dhabi.

In recent times he has bemoaned the dominance of Red Bull, admitting they could continue to excel in the next couple of years.

And it'll be intriguing to see if Hamilton can close the gap on Mercedes' rivals in the coming years ahead.

For now, his focus is on the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

That event is due to take place on Sunday, with the Abu Dhabi GP then scheduled for seven days later.

It will be the first race in Las Vegas since the Caesars Palace Grand Prix all the way back in 1982.

And Riccardo Musconi, Mercedes' Head of Trackside Performance, has admitted they're facing a trip into the unknown.

"It's a completely new ball game," he said.

"We have tried to gather as much information, as I am sure every other team has tried to.

"We have models of the track in the simulator, we have gathered other information and pictures of the tarmac and so on.

"The weather is going to play a big part too. It is quite cold at this time of the year in Vegas, especially with the sessions happening around midnight.

"We will have the softest selection of tyres.


F1 news Lewis Hamilton

F1 news: Lewis Hamilton is currently preparing for next weekend's Las Vegas Grand Prix


"That is adding an extra dimension to the problem.

"The truth is every team to some degree will venture into the unknown because we don’t have any previous data.

"The preparation work we are conducting at the factory will have to cover different dimensions, different aspects of it and more than we usually do for other tracks."

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