Antony Joshua 'wants bragging rights over Tyson Fury' as Carl Froch slams boxing star

Antony Joshua 'wants bragging rights over Tyson Fury' as Carl Froch slams boxing star

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 30/01/2024

- 14:44

AJ is set to fight Francis Ngannou on March 8

Carl Froch believes Anthony Joshua is only fighting Francis Ngannou because he wants 'bragging rights' over Tyson Fury.

Fury struggled during his narrow win over the 37-year-old at the end of October, with the Briton knocked down in round three of that bout.

Joshua will now go up against Ngannou in two months' time and Froch has scrutinised AJ's decision to take the fight.

"It's bad for boxing because who wants to watch it? Because when Joshua wins, what's he done? What's he achieved? F*** all," he said.

Boxing news Anthony Joshua

Boxing news: Anthony Joshua is in the spotlight after agreeing to fight Francis Ngannou on March 8


"All he wants is bragging rights to say he did a better job than Fury, but no one cares.

"Joshua Ngannou is a pointless fight. It's doing nothing for boxing, sure, it keeps him ticking over while he waits for the winner of Fury versus Usyk, but why not fight a real boxer; fight Zhilei Zhang, fight Joe Joyce, fight Daniel Dubois.

"There are fights available to Joshua against top contenders and real boxers.

"But instead he's jumping in with Ngannou in a pointless exhibition."

Nobody knew what to expect from Ngannou prior to his fight with Fury in October.

The 37-year-old made his name in MMA and was participating in a boxing match for the very first time.

Yet Froch was impressed by Ngannou's display and thinks the former UFC star will pose problems for Joshua, despite his lack of experience.

"Ngannou is big and strong and has distance and timing, he's got a good boxer's eye, so he has more than a chance of causing the upset," he told Lord Ping.

"I expect AJ to thoroughly outbox him as an Olympic champion should.. The sensible thing for AJ to do is to use his boxing ability, the ability he learned over the years from Rob McCracken.

"From being an amateur with Rob McCracken to becoming a world champion under Rob McCracken.

"He should use his skills he learned from the guy who guided him to an Olympic gold medal and two world titles.

"If he uses those skills against Ngannou it could be a shutout points performance.

"But Ngannou is a born fighter, a wrecking ball, a f******g machine and if he sticks it on AJ and shows him no respect, from what I saw against Fury, anything could happen, he could make it a nightmare for AJ.

"He will come and have a go, but AJ should be able to shut him down with movement, but it's not a foregone conclusion."

The fight between Joshua and Ngannou will take place in Saudi Arabia, who are hosting the majority of the big boxing events these days.


Boxing news Anthony Joshua Francis Ngannou

Boxing news: Anthony Joshua 'wants bragging rights' over Tyson Fury by choosing to fight Francis Ngannou


Froch, however, is unhappy with that and has accused boxing promoters of being greedy.

"The Saudis won't be there forever putting mega money in," he continued. "I can see why the fighters are taking the dough, but the promoters are being greedy.

"What I think they should be saying is - we've got this massive pot of money from the Saudis and what we are actually going to do is invest some of it in grassroots boxing, we're going to make some of it available to ex-fighters who have been injured, we're going to set something up for betterment of boxing.

Boxing news Carl Froch

Boxing news: Carl Froch has vented his fury at Anthony Joshua for choosing to go up against Francis Ngannou


"We're still going to pay AJ 30 million quid - there's plenty left for the promoters to line their pockets - but with some of the excess from these huge paydays, they could say we're going to setup the future of boxing and make boxing a better sport; provide the boxing equipment for those that need it at grassroots and look after ex fighters like Nick Blackwell who have been injured by the sport.

"But human beings are greedy, selfish, horrible things. The promoters will take all the money, and it is an absurd amount of money that the Saudis are putting in."

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