Prince Harry's return to UK will be 'of great comfort' to King Charles, says Robert Hardman

Prince Harry's return to UK will be 'of great comfort' to King Charles, says Robert Hardman

Harry's return to the UK will be "of great comfort" to The King

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 06/02/2024

- 16:17

King Charles was diagnosed with a "form of cancer"

Royal author Robert Hardman has claimed that The Duke of Sussex's return to the UK will be "of great comfort" to King Charles.

It comes after it has been revealed that Prince Harry has flown back to England after the news was announced that his father has been diagnosed with a "form of cancer."

The writer of the book Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story explained that even though the relationship between Harry and The King has been "strained" over the past few years, their "ties were never severed."

Harry moved to the US with his family in January 2020 after stepping down as a senior royal.

Robert Hardman

Robert Hardman spoke to GB News

GB News

Since then he has criticised the Royal Family and published a biography named Spare that caused a stir among royal fans.

Speaking to GB News Hardman said: "The relationship between Harry and and his father never went away.

"I mean it's clearly under a great deal of strain following the publication of Spare, the six-part Netflix documentary, and the endless interviews where the couple has made clear they were not happy with the royal lot.

"The lines of communication have never been completely severed. And I think that this bodes well for them.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has flown home to visit his father


"The fact that Harry's just got on the plane, means that there hasn't been a lot of haggling over this.

"It's very straightforward, it is a son coming to his father's bedside in his time of need. I think it'd be a great comfort to the King."

Earlier in the interview Hardman also discussed the King's health claiming that there is "no need to panic."

He explained: "The constitutional side of his duties are unaffected. He's going to carry on with his meetings with the Prime Minister and he will keep doing the red boxes.

King CharlesKing Charles was recently diagnosed with cancer GETTY

"The big difference is for now, he's having to cancel all his public engagements because his medical team doesn't want him going into crowded situations around strangers who may have germs or infections.

"So it's a practical, pragmatic response at the moment.

"There's certainly no sense of panic. There's no sense of major change to any constitutional machinery.

"There are mechanisms in place for when we have either an ill or an incapacitated monarch, but no one is dusting those off."

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