Royal Family are victims of ‘nauseating’ Sussex brand amid latest tour: ‘Selfish endeavours!’

Royal Family are victims of ‘nauseating’ Sussex brand amid latest tour: ‘Selfish endeavours!’

WATCH NOW: Royal Family branded victims of ‘nauseating’ Sussex brand

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 11/05/2024

- 10:42

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited a school to give a speech out mental health

The Royal Family have become "victims" of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "nauseating" Sussex brand, it has been claimed.

Speaking to GB News, royal biographer Tom Bower hit out at the Duke and Duchess as they embarked on their latest royal tour in Nigeria.

Harry and Meghan visited a school in Abuja, where they attended an inaugural mental health summit at a school run by a local non-profit linked to their foundation.

Meghan told the children: "I see myself in all of you. It is a complete honour to have our first visit to Nigeria."

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Tom Bower

Tom Bower says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Sussex brand is 'nauseating'

Getty / GB News

Reacting to the trip, Bower criticised the couple's latest move and said the Sussexes are "all about promoting the brand" with their visit.

Bower claimed the Nigeria tour is "yet another milestone in their intention to snub and humiliate the British Royal Family".

In discussion with host Nana Akua, Bower defended the monarchy against Harry and Meghan and also claimed they are "victims" of the Sussex brand.

Bower told GB News: "The casualties and victims of their selfish touring is the British Royal Family and Britain itself.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have begun their royal tour of Nigeria


"This interference in Nigeria, a country which is a very important member of the Commonwealth, by the Sussexes who damned the Commonwealth in their notorious Netflix series is really quite another milestone in their intention to snub and humiliate the Royal Family."


Nana then argued that the tour is in connection with Archewell's "partnership" with the African country, and the Nigerian communities they are visiting are beneficiaries of their charity work.

However, Nana admitted: "But I think the accounts on that foundation didn't appear to have very much money, so I'm curious about this one."

Bower agreed, responding: "I think they gave the Nigeria something like £20,000, a pittance. This is all about promoting the brand and this is all about their own selfish endeavours to actually assert themselves as terribly important people.

"And they've got a problem with that, because they're not very important. The only thing they do have is their names and their connections to the Royal Family."

Tom Bower

Tom Bower says Harry and Meghan are out to 'humiliate' the Royal Family

GB News

Turning the discussion to Prince Harry's return to the UK, Bower noted King Charles's decision not to see his son, due to a reportedly "busy diary".

Bower revealed he is "thankful" that the King did not see the Duke, as he claimed Harry would have "used the meeting to promote himself in Nigeria."

He explained: "Thankfully the King refused to meet Harry when he was in London this week because that would have only been used by Harry to promote himself in Nigeria.

"And of course, Meghan herself couldn't even take the courtesy, let alone dare leave Heathrow Airport here in London, because she didn't want to be booed."

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