Princess Kate’s return a ‘comfort for William’ after ‘very personal’ health update: ‘She belongs by his side’

Princess Kate’s return a ‘comfort for William’ after ‘very personal’ health update: ‘She belongs by his side’

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 15/06/2024

- 15:25

The Princess of Wales made her first public appearance in six months after announcing her cancer diagnosis

Princess Kate has been praised for her triumphant return to the royal spotlight, following her appearance at Trooping the Colour alongside the Royal Family.

The Princess of Wales attended the annual royal celebration with her children, Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis for the first time since announcing her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

King Charles was said to be "delighted" by the Princess's return following her "very personal" statement on Friday, in which she confirmed she is "not out of the woods yet" with her treatment.

Reacting to Kate's return on GB News, Royal Commentator Jennie Bond said it was "wonderful" to see the Princess back with the Royal Family "where she belongs", and noted how "well" the royal looked.

Jennie Bond and Princess Kate

Jennie Bond says Princess Kate 'belongs by Prince William's side'

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In conversation with hosts Andrew Pierce and Ellie Costello, Bond said of the Princess's return: "Obviously the highlight of the day was seeing the Princess of Wales back, not fully back and not fully recovered, as we know, but making a very wonderful appearance and a very appropriate one.

"She looked very well, she looked very regal. She looked a lot better than in the video broadcast she made telling us all about her cancer diagnosis."

Noting the Princess of Wales's role in the Trooping the Colour proceedings, Bond highlighted how her return was also a display of her role "as a mother" to her children.

Bond explained: "She was there to support the King, that's what it's all about on what is essentially his day. But she was also there to guide her children and be there at what is a very lengthy affair, this ceremony.

Princess Kate

Princess Kate made her first public appearance since announcing her cancer diagnosis and treatment


"There's a lot of protocol involved. Um, and she's there just to put her hand on their shoulder and comfort them."


Turning the discussion to other members of the Royal Family, Bond also detailed the benefit that Kate's return will have on her husband, Prince William.

Bond told GB News: "It was great to see the family back together. And what a comfort it must have been for William as well, to have his wife there where she belongs, at his side.

"We've often in the past made something of how the family try not to outdo one another. But on this occasion of all occasions, I think the King was immensely proud and in his own words, delighted, to have Catherine back on parade and at his side."

Agreeing with Bond, Andrew highlighted that Kate is a "future Queen" and is "hugely popular" with the royal fans.

Jennie Bond

Jennie Bond says Princess Kate is 'making herself very relatable' with her cancer updates

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Bond was in agreement, noting the Princess's statement: "She's very popular and I think she is making herself very relatable. She already was, but I think she, in her statement she issued yesterday, was incredibly frank about her chemotherapy treatment and what it has done and is doing to her.

"The phrase that stood out for me in that statement was that she is learning to be patient, particularly with uncertainty.

"And I think uncertainty is pretty hard for anyone to deal with. And when you are a youngish mum and you've got your kids to look after, you've got a future unlike anyone else's in this country, an extraordinary destiny.

"To be uncertain about how you're going to feel from day to day is very hard for her. Not only physically, but probably mentally. But it was a very personal statement which aligned herself with other cancer sufferers."

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