Prince William 'totally tied up' as Prince Harry dilemma causing 'headache'

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William feels unable to contact his brother, according to a royal commentator

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 04/10/2023

- 17:23

The Prince of Wales feels he 'can’t get in touch with his brother', according to a royal commentator

Prince William is said to be "totally tied up" over his ongoing feud with Prince Harry, a royal commentator has claimed.

The rift has allegedly got worse due to Meghan Markle's reported upcoming autobiography, with the Prince of Wales feeling unable to contact his younger brother about it.

The speculation about the Duchess of Sussex's memoir has angered William, according to reports.

But royal author Duncan Larcombe claimed the Prince of Wales has fears over his correspondence with the Duke of Sussex becoming public if he was to ever reach out.

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This has only intensified the distance between the brothers.

Larcombe said: “William’s real headache is that he can’t get in touch with his brother without risking the contents of any conversation they have being made public.

“It is a real frustration for him and it totally ties him up.”

He also told Fabulous: “It isn’t just about Harry promoting his book, the podcasts or the Oprah chat, but he has revealed some very personal and private family matters, like when they all rallied around the Queen’s bedside (before she died).

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan could be releasing her autobiography, according to reports


Prince Harry

Prince Harry released his book 'Spare' in January


“It’s so far over the mark of what the royals would consider acceptable and it just makes it impossible for William to trust his brother or make any move towards (a reconciliation).”

The commentator claimed that the bond between William and Harry has completely broken down.

Larcombe opined: “It’s one thing having a row with your sibling, it’s not uncommon in any family, but in this particular context, it is a constant betrayal.

"William can't make that first move without Harry betraying him and breaking his confidence.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry are no longer speaking to each other, according to reports


Prince Harry

William feels Harry will make all their correspondence public, according to reports


“There is just nothing between them anymore.

"William didn’t wish his brother a happy birthday publicly, where in previous years he has.

"It’s certainly a signal that William doesn’t want to talk about his brother, let alone to him.”

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