Prince Harry 'told he's not welcome' as he's 'delivered message' by Royal Family - Bower

Prince Harry 'told he's not welcome' as he's 'delivered message' by Royal Family - Bower

Harry told he's 'not welcome here'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 12/02/2024

- 13:56

Updated: 12/02/2024

- 14:25

Prince Harry flew to the UK last week after news broke that his father had a "form of" cancer

A royal commentator has blasted Prince Harry saying "he's not welcome here" and that the "Royal Family have sent him a message."

Last week Harry returned to the UK for a brief visit after news broke that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Duke spent less than 45 minutes with his father before the King left for Sandringham and Harry returned to his hotel.

In his time in the UK, he did not visit his brother, Prince William, although it has been reported that Harry would have been open to meeting with him.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry flew to visit his father


The Duke of Sussex has been openly critical of the Royal Family since he quit his role as a senior royal in January 2020 and moved to the US with his wife Meghan Markle.

Since the dramatic exit, the pair have done several interviews slamming the Royal Family and Harry wrote a biography titled spare that criticised them heavily.

Speaking to GB News, Bower said: "I think Harry volunteered to come to the UK because he didn't want to appear in Las Vegas, not having visited his father.

"Why did he suddenly dash over? It was all his self-interest. It was a gimmick. It was to get publicity. It was to show that he was the dutiful son of his American youth supporters.

Tom Bower

Tom Bower told GB News that "Harry is not welcome here"

GB News

"Don't let us in any way think that this was because he feels warmth towards his father and family.

"And after all, I'm sure Queen Camilla didn't see him. Prince William certainly didn't want to see him.

"He hasn't got many friends left in England. He's cut them all off. He's an outsider, he's an outcast.

"He should be firmly told not to bother coming back anymore."

Prince Harry

Tom Bower claimed "you can't trust the Sussexes"


Earlier in the interview, Bower said: " When Harry announced he was doing his dash across the Atlantic last Tuesday, I said many times how suspicious it was. I didn't believe he was coming on a charitable quest to be by his father's side. Now I've been proved right.

"You can't trust the Sussexes. Everything is done in their own self-interest and they have been absolutely poisonous in their treatment and their comments about Britain and the monarchy.

"We've gone through it all so many times, it's dreadful. And I do hope that now, when Harry was kicked out after 30 minutes, having flown from California.

"He was not invited to stay the night in any of the many palace bedrooms, and then he scuttled back to California the following morning, I think he's got the message he's not welcome in Britain.

"I just hope that when King Charles recovers, he finally puts paid to the Sussexes and takes away their titles or whatever tells them very firmly they're not welcome in Britain."

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