Harry's return to 'risk' King Charles as doctors will advise he 'avoid contact with people' due to infection

Harry's return to 'risk' King Charles as doctors will advise he 'avoid contact with people' due to infection

WATCH NOW: Michael Cole says Prince Harry's return is a 'risk' to the King

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/02/2024

- 14:03

Harry has landed at Heathrow Airport from California to visit his father following his cancer diagnosis

Royal commentator Michael Cole has warned of the risk Prince Harry's visit may pose to King Charles, as the Duke of Sussex has raced back to the UK to be with his father.

King Charles announced in a statement from Buckingham Palace on Monday that he has been diagnosed with "a form of cancer".

The monarch will cancel all "public-facing duties" as he receives treatment for his cancer. The statement reads that King Charles remains "wholly positive" about his health news.

Prince Harry flew to the UK to be with the Royal Family following the announcement, leaving wife Meghan Markle and their children in California.

Michael Cole and Prince Harry

Michael Cole says Prince Harry's return is a 'risk' to King Charles's health following his cancer diagnosis

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The estranged Duke landed at Heathrow Airport this afternoon and is travelling to see his father to show his support.

Prince Harry will be staying in Windsor during his time back on his homeland, after a request for the location was approved.

Reacting to the visit from Prince Harry, Royal Correspondent Michael Cole said Prince Harry will face a "slim chance" of reconciliation with his brother William.

The princes have drifted apart after Prince Harry stepped back from royal life in 2020 and released a tell-all memoir Spare in early 2023, accusing his brother of a "physical attack".

Cole explained to GB News: "Prince William will now be the force having to take a more prominent role, something which perhaps he would have preferred to defer for a decade or so.

"He's going to be front and centre for quite a long time now, at the same time as he's looking after his wife."

Highlighting a key problem Prince Harry's visit may pose to the King, Cole added: "Even the arrival of Harry presents some problems, because the treatment of cancer the King is now going to undergo will require people to stay away from other people to avoid infection.

"I don't know how much hugging will be going on because the King will be advised very strongly by his doctors to avoid physical contact with people because it's all part of treatment. You don't go near anybody who might bring infection into your world."

Michael Cole

Michael Cole says the chances of royal reconciliation are 'very slim'

GB News

In praise of the King's openness with his announcements of both his prostate treatment and cancer diagnosis, Cole reflected on how "times have changed" from the more private reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cole stated: "That was the Queen's way in those days, you didn't talk about it. I actually think the King and Buckingham Palace have done the right thing from the very beginning.

"They've been as candid as they possibly could be and they've seen the results. I think they'll be judging this, they'll be seeing public comments and personal comments from people saying 'that was inspirational, I went out and got checked, I rang up this helpline', and I think that is terrific.

"And I think when the King takes notice of that, I think maybe he will be even more forthright about what is ailing him."

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