Prince Harry is refusing to swallow the High Court's bitter pill - analysis by Cameron Walker

Prince Harry is refusing to swallow the High Court's bitter pill - analysis by Cameron Walker

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Cameron Walker

By Cameron Walker

Published: 28/02/2024

- 16:27

The Duke of Sussex has lost a legal case over his security in the UK

Make no mistake, this will be a bitter blow for Prince Harry who has spent thousands of pounds fighting the UK Government over its decision to downgrade his security.

Perhaps it is no surprise he seeks to appeal the ruling; a legal spokesman for Harry said: "The Duke is not asking for preferential treatment" and "hopes to obtain justice at the Court of Appeal".

Before The Duke of Sussex stood back as a working member of the Royal Family, he and his family had round-the-clock armed police protection which was paid for by taxpayers.

In February 2020, following his decision to step back as a working royal, the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec) made the decision that he should receive a different degree of police protection when he was in the UK.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has lost a legal case over his security protection in the UK


Ravec is made up of senior police officers, Home Office officials, and members of the Royal Household.

The late Queen's Private Secretary, Sir Edward Young, was part of Ravec at the time and the court heard there were "significant tensions" between senior members of the Royal Household and Prince Harry, who famously described Sir Edward Young as 'The Bee' in his memoir.

Harry's lawyers argued he was "singled out" and treated "less favourably" when Ravec decided to change his protection to "bespoke" and considered on a "case by case basis".

This morning, retired High Court judge Sir Peter Lane rejected the Duke of Sussex's case and concluded Ravec's decision was not unlawful, irrational nor procedurally unfair.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has vowed to launch an appeal against the High Court's ruling on his security battle with the Home Office


Prince Harry clearly feels the judge's ruling was wrong, hence he's seeking to escalate his claim to the Court of Appeal.

It appears he feels he has been unfairly treated and, as fifth in line to the throne, believes he and his family are still potential targets when they are in the United Kingdom.

When Prince Harry's mother, Princess Diana, was tragically killed in a Paris car crash in 1997, she did not have UK police protection with her - a harrowing event mentioned during the High Court trial.

But the High Court judge has concluded the Home Office was entitled to make the decision it did.

Prince HarryHarry said he has many trips planned to go back and see his family.PA

Remember, it is UK taxpayers who would have to pay the police security bill for round the clock protection for Prince Harry, Meghan, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Is this justified now Harry is no longer a working member of the Royal Family? The Home Office doesn't think so.

In May 2023, a separate judge dismissed Prince Harry's separate claim against the Home Office for not allowing him to pay for his own police protection while he was in the UK.

It was argued it could set a bad precedent, where wealthy individuals could pay police officers for personal protection.

So where does this leave Prince Harry?

Prince HarryHarry had been told he would no longer receive the “same degree” of protection when in the UK from 2020.PA
Meghan and Harry

It is the UK taxpayer that would pay for the security of Harry, Meghan and their children


As it stands, Prince Harry's police protection is considered on a case-by-case basis and has a "bespoke" arrangement with Ravec, which usually requires 28 days' notice before Harry returns to the UK.

This is why we see Harry occasionally return to the UK for big state occasions such as Queen Elizabeth II's funeral and the Coronation.

Presumably, special consideration was given by the Home Office when Prince Harry recently returned to Britain last minute, following his father's cancer diagnosis.

Prince Harry is expected to return to the UK later this year for charity engagements, but will he feel safe enough to bring his family with him?

As King Charles battles cancer, it's up to Prince Harry if he wants his children to form a bond with the grandfather they rarely see.

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