‘People don’t want it’: Expert fears Meghan Markle will ‘take over’ Invictus Games

‘People don’t want it’: Expert fears Meghan Markle will ‘take over’ Invictus Games
‘People don’t want it’ Fears Meghan Markle will ‘take over’ Invictus Games
GBN America
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 05/04/2024

- 09:54

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to attend the Invictus Games anniversary event on May 8

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Royal commentator Angela Levin has claimed people are "afraid" that Meghan Markle will "take over" the Invictus Games 10th anniversary celebrations next month.

While Harry has made various trips to his home country since stepping back from royal duties, the Duchess of Sussex has not been present on UK soil since 2022.

However, she could be about to make a rare trip across the pond with her husband to celebrate the anniversary of the annual sporting event which Harry launched in 2014.

Speaking about her potential return, Levin admitted she is fearful that Meghan could "steal the spotlight".

Angela Levin, Meghan Markle

Angela Levin said that people are "fed up" of Meghan "taking over"

GBN America/GETT Y

Speaking to GBN America, she said: "I think Harry's really outside the door when it comes to who is in the spotlight.

"I get quite a lot of people asking me, 'can I do anything to stop the Invictus Games this summer?' I think people are just sick to the back teeth of them because they don't want Meghan taking over.


"She comes over, she does a speech, she does a second speech, she leads people down the paths and the winners, and they say she knows nothing about fighting and going in wars.

"It was Harry's job and I think they feel quite sorry for him. They're angry."

Levin noted that the Invictus Games could be held in the UK in 2027, which she believes would be a "difficult" prospect for the Royal Family to contend with.

She explained: "I don't think Harry's got anything to look forward to, really. If this happens in the UK, it's going to be very, very difficult for the Royal Family.

"I think it's an extraordinary attitude that Meghan has, she thinks she's better than everyone. She thinks of herself as globally famous."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attending the Invictus Games athletics events in the Athletics Park, at Zuiderpark the Hague

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex often attend the Invictus Games together


GBN Presenter Nana Akua said the Invictus Games being held in Birmingham could present an opportunity to "actually unite them and bring them [the Royal Family] together".

Nana added: "Maybe they'll talk to each other."

Levin commented to suggest the Sussexes are struggling to fund the sporting event, telling GBN America: "They've got a bit of money, but they haven't got much money to pay for it. The money's not there."

Discussing Meghan Markle's dwindling relationship with the Royal Family, Levin said the Duchess "could have had it all" and the King was "so happy" when she originally joined the family.

Levin told Nana: "He was very kind and was accepting her in whatever way she was. But it is foolish, she keeps trying to do something and she always gets it wrong.

"She put up one page for her new website, and people don't want to put money into it. They don't because they know what she's like and know that she's very difficult and they're not necessarily wanting to buy jam and tablecloths, and birdseeds."

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