King Charles's outfit on return to public duties gives an indication of the monarch's wellbeing, expert claims

King Charles's outfit on return to public duties gives an indication of the monarch's wellbeing, expert claims

King Charles's outfit on return to public duties gives indication on monarch's wellbeing

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 01/05/2024

- 11:24

King Charles visited patients in a cancer ward whilst wearing a dinosaur tie

King Charles marked his return to public duties yesterday wearing his famed pink and blue T-rex tie and a royal expert has claimed that this could be an indication of his health.

The monarch donned the playful tie during his first official engagement since being diagnosed with cancer as he visited the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre with the Queen and met patients and staff in his new role as the charity's patron.

Speaking to GB News, royal expert Jennie Bond said: "He was wearing his favourite tie, it is his C Rex tie. It's got little dinosaurs on it.

"And he wears that when he's feeling pretty cheerful."

King Charles

King Charles wore his dinosaur tie for the occasion


She added: "I haven't actually been in his wardrobe, but he has lots of very beautiful silk ties. And he does take special pride in wearing particular ties.

"Obviously on ceremonial occasions, he wears the appropriate tie, but this is a rather amusing one. It's got little dinosaurs on little T-rexes.

"So it's a play on C rex, and I think we can deduce from that he was feeling a little bit playful, certainly upbeat."

GB News host Isabel Webster pointed out that she thought the daring accessory could have been a gift from one of his grandchildren.

In the past Prince Louis has been reported as dinosaur-mad, so the accessory could be a present from him.

The tie could also be a nod to an inside joke shared with his beloved family, as Charles uses the initial R after his name to signify "Rex" - which is Latin for "King."

Jennie Bond

Jennie Bond said that it could mean his is in good spirits

GB News

Bond also gave an update on the King's health and said: "The King is being more than monitored. He's been treated.

"In fact, he was having a treatment just yesterday afternoon. He confided in one of the patients that he was having his treatment.

"We don't know what treatment that is, but he did discuss the cold cap, which is used during chemotherapy with another patient. Maybe that's what he's having. But certainly, the treatment is ongoing."

In photographs, The King looked overjoyed to be back performing duties for the first time since his cancer diagnosis, smiling and holding the hands of patients on the chemotherapy ward.

The King visited cancer patients


Bond claimed that she feels the King's own diagnosis has given him "more empathy" towards the patients.

She explained: "It wasn't just a handshake, it was a handclasp. It was real and genuine, holding people's hands, and empathizing with them.

"You could see that in all his body language and his face. And I think this is probably quite cathartic for him and obviously for the patients he met there.

"But to meet people who are going through this trauma, this mental trauma, as well as physical trauma and truly empathise with them, must have been uplifting all around."

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