Royal Family photo leaves fans baffled as bizarre feature noticed in Christmas picture

Royal Family photo leaves fans baffled as bizarre feature noticed in Christmas picture

Royal Family photo leaves fans baffled as bizarre feature noticed in Christmas picture

Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 10/12/2023

- 10:43

Eagle-eyed royal watchers spotted the bizarre detail in the picture

Royal fans have been left baffled after catching a bizarre feature in Prince William and Kate’s Christmas picture.

The Prince and Princess of Wales opted for a monochrome family photo for their Christmas card this year while King Charles and Queen Camilla chose a photo from the Coronation.

Chosen by the Prince and Princess of Wales, the picture features the family, all wearing plain shirts, arranged around a smiling Princess Charlotte who is seated on a chair.

The family photo was captured by Yorkshire-born photographer Josh Shinner whose previous sitters include Florence Pugh, Jodie Comer and Sam Smith.

Kate and William's Christmas card\u200b

Kate and William's Christmas card


However, eagle-eyed royal watchers took to social media to share their insights on the picture.

One particular detail caught the attention of fans the most though and it appears to involve both Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Writing on Twitter, multiple users commented that Princess Charlotte, who sits front and centre in the photograph, appears to be missing her shoelaces.

Although more difficult to spot as he is standing behind Charlotte, Prince Louis also appears to be missing his laces.

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis's shoes

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis appear to be missing their shoelaces


One royal fan commented: “Why have Charlotte and Louis had their shoe laces taken from them?”

Another jokingly quipped: “Unfortunate situation that members of the Royal Family can't afford shoe laces…”

One more added: “My father messaged our group chat to enquire as to why they’ve taken Princess Charlotte’s shoelaces.”

Another detail that seemingly went unnoticed by casual viewers was a trick of the light played on Prince George.

Speaking on GB News this morning, presenters Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond read out a few emails from viewers who spotted the hidden detail.

“We've had a couple of emails which have made some very good observations, Rebecca says the picture's lovely, but at first glance I thought George was wearing a small crown.

“That's just because of the way the light is. It's the light on his hair.

“But once, once you see it, you can't unsee it.”

\u200bKing Charles and Queen CamillaKing Charles and Queen Camilla's Christmas cardPA

Continuing to read comments, the presenting duo added that some viewers had spotted a striking resemblance between Princess Charlotte and the late Queen.

They said that one viewer named, Bob, “noticed that Princess Charlotte has Queen Elizabeth's jaw shape and smile”.

“Oh, do you know she does? She does. She looks like the late Queen,” said Dixon.

Diamond continued: “Charlotte is 8 years old. She is sitting there with a beautiful grin on her face, but with the attitude of somebody much older.

“What's she going to be like when she grows older, I wonder? Because she's absolutely fabulous and the camera loves her now.”

Dixon chimed in: “I just think that's really two very clever observations from Rebecca and Bob.

“But yeah, Charlotte does look like she does look like the Queen.”

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