Harry and Meghan 'inspire millions with their authenticity' - Netflix chief says he's 'incredibly proud' of royal 'leaders'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have denied their Royal Family departure was about 'privacy'.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have denied their Royal Family departure was about 'privacy'.
Image: Netflix
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 09/12/2022

- 16:17

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:27

Experts have claimed the primary motive behind 'Megxit' was a desire for privacy from the Sussexes

Netflix’s co-chief executive and chief content officer hailed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ahead of the release of their groundbreaking Netflix docuseries.

Ted Sarandos, who spoke about the partnership between the streaming giant and the Sussexes, said he is “incredibly proud” of the synergy on display.

He said: “Harry and Meghan have inspired millions of people all around the world with their authenticity, optimism and leadership.

“We’re incredibly proud they have chosen Netflix as their creative home - and are excited about telling stories with them that can help build resilience and increase understanding for audiences everywhere.”

The couple have denied claims they quit royal duties and moved to the US in a bid for a more quiet life.

Experts have claimed that the factor of privacy was the main reason behind Meghan and Harry’s departure.

The Duke himself says he hoped Megxit would result in a “quieter life”, the Daily Mail reports.

High-profile projects such as their Netflix docuseries and headline-grabbing court cases have done little to quell the limelight from the couple, leading to widespread criticism.

The couple’s spokesman Ashley Hansen has denied claims the move was ever about privacy, saying: “Their statement announcing their decision to step back mentions nothing of privacy and reiterates their desire to continue their roles and public duties.

“Any suggestion otherwise speaks to a key point of this series. They are choosing to share their story, on their terms, and yet the tabloid media has created an entirely untrue narrative that permeates press coverage and public opinion.

“The facts are right in front of them,” He told the New York Times.

In the first instalment of the series, Harry accuses the royals of having a “huge level of unconscious bias” and Meghan saying the media wanted to “destroy” her.

Meghan Markle says the media tried to 'destroy' her.
Meghan Markle says the media tried to 'destroy' her.
Image: Netflix

Variety’s chief television critic, Daniel D’Addario, said that the couple had previously “shocked the world multiple times over” – both with the infamous “Megxit” and subsequent interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021.

“With today’s release… the Sussexes surprise us yet again, with just how narrow their vision of their fame is, how pinched and unimaginative their presence on the world stage has become,” he wrote.

“They may have shed their responsibilities to the crown, but they’re still in a kind of service.

“There’s an air of duty about the entire enterprise of ‘Harry & Meghan,’ as if they’re honor-bound to keep reciting their personal story until we eventually lose interest.”

Meghan Markle accused the royals of having an 'unconscious bias'.
Meghan Markle accused the royals of having an 'unconscious bias'.

Thursday’s episodes also shared some details about previous allegations of racism within the royal family.

But Stephanie Bunbury, of Deadline, said the episodes were not “the royal evisceration we have been expecting”.

“The story so far is a straightforward romance, with the best-looking royals no longer in the business seen sitting on a couch agreeing that, guess what, they fell madly in love on their second date,” she wrote.

“None of this, however, is the royal evisceration we have been expecting.

“Presumably, the Harry Formerly Known As a Prince and his maligned wife will go into a bit more detail in next week’s Volume II on what prompted them to walk away from the whole thing and set up shop in California.”

Writers for The Hollywood Reporter agreed that despite viewers experiencing “an intimate retelling” of Harry and Meghan’s “great love story” there was no “truly groundbreaking content”.

“While expectations of what the documentary might reveal were high, the audience is not enlightened about anything truly groundbreaking in the first three episodes,” a THR article read.

The next instalment of the six-part series is due to be released next week on December 15.

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