Victor Davis Hanson outlines five-point plan to SAVE America amid ‘most lawless era ever’

Victor Davis Hanson outlines five-point plan to SAVE America amid ‘most lawless era ever’

Victor Davis Hanson outlines his five-point plan to SAVE America

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 06/07/2024

- 13:58

Updated: 06/07/2024

- 14:12

Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have wreaked havoc in America

American military historian Victor Davis Hanson says he is confident of a Donald Trump victory at the November presidential election and is already looking ahead to what his agenda might look like.

Speaking on GB News, Hanson said Trump should look to make the border crisis his key priority.

But the 76-year-old should not limit his focus to the swathe of migrants making their way across the border, he said, with several other issues needing to be addressed in order for America to be affirmed as a world leader.

He told GBN America: “We are in the most lawless era we’ve ever had with the left. They have no regard for warming the homes of Supreme Courts. They have no regard for the law.

Antifa and BLM protests and Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson discussed what Donald Trump's plan should be


“They are a lawless jackal. We need somebody to come in and say they’re going to enforce the existing laws. What would that entail?

“They should say: ‘We have natural oil and gas and we’re going to be the biggest exporter of gas and oil. That would cause a storm.


BLM graffiti

Black Lives Matter protesters wreaked havoc in Britain


“’We’re going to close the border and we’re not going to let anyone in unless they come legally and we’re going to deport all the recent people who came and then we’ll look at the next 20 million’.

“Then they would have to say, ‘we’re going to use existing racketeering charges for these people in Antifa and BLM who cross state lines to foment urban violence’. They would have to do that.

“Then they would have to say, ‘we’re not going to destroy 60 years of women’s sports by allowing people who are biological males to compete’.”

Hanson added that if Trump is elected, he will only have four years to enforce his policies and the 78-year-old “won’t care” about how he is viewed by his critics as he seeks to enforce his agenda.

“He has to understand that what he has to do will be unpopular”, he said.

“They will hate him, but as a tragic hero. They will be happy when he leaves, but they will eventually appreciate what he did.”

Trump received a boost in his hopes for a second term when he dismantled Joe Biden in a televised debate on CNN last week.

The former President is widely viewed to have won after Biden struggled and sparked concerns as to whether he is fit for a second term.

81-year-old Biden is already the oldest ever sitting president.

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