US middle class ’squeezed’ by Democrat legislation in California - Ethan Bearman

US middle class ’squeezed’ by Democrat legislation in California - Ethan Bearman

WATCH NOW: Top US attorney warns of 'problematic' Bidenomics ahead of next election

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 20/04/2024

- 12:16

Joe Biden is hoping to run for a second term as President ahead of November's election

A top US attorney has warned of the "problematic" state of America's economy, as President Joe Biden hopes for a second term in office ahead of the upcoming election.

Ethan Bearman, owner of The Bearman Firm, claims the American middle class are being "squeezed" by Democrat leglislation in California, as inflation continues to soar.

According to the latest figures, cumulative inflation is up 18 per cent since 2021, when Joe Biden took office, meaning an increase on average of six per cent a year.

Hitting out at the current Potus on his campaign trail, rival Donald Trump claimed that the American people are "going through hell" due to rising prices, and energy and food costs are now "through the roof".

Ethan Bearman and Joe Biden

Ethan Bearman hit out at Joe Biden's economic outlook for America

GBNA / Reuters

Discussing the Bidenomics on GBN America, Bearman said certain legislations on everyday products such as gasoline and eggs are "squeezing" the middle class is "just as bad as the ultra wealthy avoiding paying taxes through loopholes".

GBN America host Patrick Christys said the figures are "astonishing" and the outlook on the US economy is "quite stark".

Bearman explained: "California for some reason has a special formulation of gasoline that's required for the state of California. Over a quarter of all new cars are being sold as EVs, and by 2035 only EVs can be sold in the state of California, as per our EV mandate.

"Why do we still have this mandate for a special formulation of gasoline that keeps our cost of gasoline that much higher than the rest of the country?"

Donald Trump

Bearman claims the US economy was 'cheaper under Trump'


Bearman claimed that it is a result of the "left or the far left of the party, passing legislation to squeeze the middle class".


Bearman told Patrick: "We passed a law a few years ago regarding eggs and the idea of cage free eggs. I fully support treating animals humanely when we use them. I eat meat, I eat eggs, I want them to be treated humanely while they're in the pipeline to be consumed and processed.

"And we passed a law that made our eggs more expensive. Dairy has had a difficult time in the state of California. Beef processing almost doesn't exist here anymore. There's only a couple of mega-corporations left that handle all of these things."

Patrick argued that the existence of the legislations is an "obvious expression of a socialist government", and is "designed to drive people towards electric vehicles" and "drive people towards veganism".

He asked Bearman: "And actually, those views are very unpopular, aren't they?"

Ethan Bearman

Ethan Bearman says Joe Biden's economic policies are 'squeezing' middle class Americans

GBN America

Bearman responded: "To many people they are unpopular, because it directly affects their pocketbook. Even though wages might be going up and in many cases wages have exceeded inflation, when I go to the grocery store, it was $100 two years ago, and the same batch of groceries is $150 now - that is psychologically a bigger impact than just about anything else.

"It was cheaper under Trump, and it was cheaper under Obama before Trump. Inflation is a real thing, the issue is what is the cause of that inflation. We can't just say it's laws on this side that are causing prices to go up, or supply chain disruptions from Covid, which was a very real thing."

Bearman then claimed: "Look at how many of these biggest billionaires are no longer are worth 10 billion. They're worth 50 billion, they're worth 100 billion, there were 200, $300billion.

"People are still fighting to pay rent and putting food on the table for their families and getting the health care that they need, you know, there are both sides of this on the extremes that need to be addressed."

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