'Recharge his batteries!' Joe Biden encouraged to take more beach breaks as President told to 'buckle up' for 2024

Joe Biden (left) and Adam Goodman (right)

Joe Biden (left) and Adam Goodman (right)

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 27/10/2023

- 20:43

Updated: 27/10/2023

- 20:52

The 46th President is currently mounting his re-election bid and could face 2020 opponent Donald Trump

Joe Biden has been encouraged to take more beach breaks as the 46th President is told to “buckle his seatbelt” ahead of 2024.

Biden, 80, is facing growing criticism after it was revealed the Commander-in-Chief spent at least 300 out of his first 1,000 days in the White House either in Delaware or on holiday.

The American President also spent 89 days at Camp David and another 74 days on overseas trips.

Rapper 50 Cent was among those to blast Biden, saying: “Get the f**k up!”

WATCH NOW: Republican strategist Adam Goodman discusses Joe Biden's beach breaks ahead of 2024

However, a leading Republican strategist suggested Biden should get as much rest as he can ahead of 2024.

The 80-year-old, who launched his re-election bid earlier this year, is not expected to face a major challenge in the ongoing Democratic primary race but could soon lock horns with 2020 opponent Donald Trump.

Trump is leading his Republican rivals in a crowded Grand Old Party primary and is expected to be battle-hardened ahead of the general election.

Commenting on Biden’s decision to switch the White House for Delaware’s coast, Republican strategist Adam Goodman told GB News: “Joe Biden is as old as he is, he’s 80-year-old, right? So it’s not surprising that he’s trying to recharge his batteries right now. This is the time to do it.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running for re-election in 2024


“You’ve got a Republican primary that’s on where Republicans beyond the former President Donald Trump are competing like the Dickens to be the alternative to Donald Trump. We also have the incredibly tragic events in the Middle East. We finally in this country found a Speaker of the House.

“With all these things going on, it’s a great time for the President to get away, frankly. The judgement is going to be made in 2024. We can all speculate about what the final terms of debate, and the final markers will be in 2024.

“But this much is clear going in, we’ve got a President that has got historically horrific poll levels, in terms of unfavourability and unpopularity. But on the other side, you’ve got Donald Trump who commands a big following but also commands those who are never going to be in his corner, which makes this a competitive race.

“And then beyond that, you’ve got the possibility on not just one but possibility two major none-of-the-above candidates.”

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is the frontrunner for the GOP nominationREUTERS

Goodman highlighted how Robert F Kennedy Jr and the No Labels political organisation could pose problems for both Biden and Trump.

He continued: “We are about to go into a cycle in ways that we have never experienced before. You’ve got a former President who has got umpteen legal cases moving down one path as he goes down the other path in trying to win the Republican nomination and ultimately the election of 2024.”

Trump is facing a number of legal challenges ahead of his third successive run for the White House.

The 77-year-old, who is hoping to mirror Grover Cleveland’s otherwise unprecedented feat of serving two non-consecutive terms in the Oval Office, is embroiled in legal disputes in Georgia, Florida, New York and Washington DC.

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden


Goodman concluded: “Throughout all the game, all the books, all the precedents, all the predictors, we bloody don’t know where this ends up. Except buckle your seatbelts because it’s going to be a wild ride for the next 12 months.”

However, Biden’s decision to head to the beach rather than remaining in the Oval Office is fuelling concerns about his age and fitness.

A survey conducted in August revealed 77 per cent of Americans believe Biden is too old for re-election, including 69 per cent of Democrats.

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips is now reportedly making moves to challenge Biden for the White House.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is facing multiple criminal chargesREUTERS

The move could prompt the most significant threat to an incumbent President since Pat Buchanan took on George H W Bush in 1992 or Ted Kennedy entered the race against Jimmy Carter in 1980.

However, Franklin Pierce was the only directly-elected President to ever lose a party primary race during a re-election campaign when his pro-Southern sentiments lost him the Democratic nomination in 1852.

A recent opinion poll also suggested Biden and Trump were neck-and-neck nationally, with the 45th President marginally beating his successor in a number of key swing states.

The survey, which also includes former Democrat and now independent candidate Robert F Kennedy, puts Trump ahead in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina.

Such a scenario could see Trump return to the White House by the slimmest margin since George W Bush beat Al Gore by just 537 votes.

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