Joe Biden’s hypocrisy laid bare as President U-TURNS on abortion stance: 'Wouldn't trust him at all!'

Joe Biden’s hypocrisy laid bare as President U-TURNS on abortion stance: 'Wouldn't trust him at all!'

WATCH NOW: Joe Biden criticised for ever-changing stance on abortion laws in the US

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/02/2024

- 20:31

Joe Biden has claimed he would 'veto' any Congress proposals for a national abortion ban

Joe Biden has been criticised for his changing stance on abortion laws in the US, following an appearance at a rally in Virginia.

The US President spoke at a campaign rally in Manassas where he condemned abortion bans that have increasingly endangered the health of pregnant women across America.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris held their campaign rally with a focus on abortion rights, a factor which may prove to drive voters to the polls to oppose conservative measures.

This comes as the controversial decision by the US Supreme Court ended the nationwide right to abortion in 2022, impacting the lives of millions of women and transforming the political landscape.

Joe Biden and Dan O'Donnell

O'Donnell says he 'wouldn't trust Joe Biden at all' on abortion

Reuters / GB News America

Biden took aim at Republicans over their efforts to curb abortion rights, and stated women's fundamental rights "have been stripped away" because of Donald Trump.

He added: "In the state of Alabama, the Attorney General is threatening to prosecute family members who help their loved ones travel to another state to get healthcare they need. That can’t be America in 2024."

Discussing Biden's efforts to oppose the Republican bans on abortion, US Attorney Robert Patillo claimed the US leader has been "pro-life his entire career".

American Radio host Dan O'Donnell argued that he "understands why Biden had to change his view", in order to try and secure votes ahead of the Presidential election in November.

Robert Patillo told GB News America: "President Biden is a moderate on abortion. He's a devoted Catholic. He has been pro-life his entire career. However, he understands that because of his personal views, he cannot push that on 150 million women in this country and that's why he supports pro-choice programs.

"President Biden is more interested in making abortion obsolete as opposed to making it illegal."

He continued: "This is why he has pushed forward an agenda to provide economic relief to single parents, because it's more important to care for children than to make it illegal. Republicans for some reason believe that being moderate, centrist, and bipartisan is a weakness in American politics.

"There's a reason that this Republican Congress has been the least productive Congress in American history. They passed no bills out of this Congress because they don't believe in working across party lines who work in a moderate fashion which supports the majority of American people."

Dan O'Donnell and Robert Patillo

Robert Patillo says Joe Biden has been 'pro-life his entire career'

GB News America

Dan O'Donnell was asked by host Patrick Christys if the current President can be "trusted" with abortion rights in the US.

O'Donnell admitted: "If I were a pro choicer, if I was someone who is going to vote on the basis of abortion, I would say yes, but only because he's now beholden to the more radical elements of his party who want abortion up until the moment of birth.

"He himself has refused to answer this question, steadfastly, I might add, but for his entire career, he wasn't a moderate."

He continued: "This is someone who is only pushed to the left on the abortion issue because he realised there was no way that he was ever going to get the 2020 Democratic nomination for President. So of course he had to change his position.

"Frankly, I like the old pro-life Biden, but I understand why he had to change. Frankly, if I were voting on the basis of abortion, I wouldn't trust him at all."

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