Joe Biden is most 'anti-British President' - Britons should welcome Trump's return as 'unsung champion' says Cohen

Joe Biden is most 'anti-British President' - Britons should welcome Trump's return as 'unsung champion' says Cohen

WATCH NOW: Lee Cohen says Joe Biden is 'anti-British'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/03/2024

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Donald Trump has hit out at Prince Harry's 'disloyalty' to the Royal Family

Donald Trump's latest outburst about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been defended in a stark comparison to Joe Biden's "anti-British" stance.

The former President is campaigning for a second term, hoping for a re-election against current US leader Joe Biden.

Trump recently claimed that Prince Harry has displayed "unforgivable disloyalty" towards the Royal Family, in particular the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump also claimed that the Duke of Sussex will be "on his own" if he takes power again, as controversy over his US immigration records and past drug use continues.

Lee Cohen and Joe Biden

Lee Cohen says US President Joe Biden is 'anti-British'

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Amid Biden's struggling talks to secure a trade deal with the UK, Trump had a historically positive relationship with Britain and was a key supporter of Brexit.

In a discussion with GBN America, American Journalist Lee Cohen says Trump's stance on Prince Harry shows his "respect" for British institutions, including the Royal Family.

Discussing the two hopeful Presidents ahead of the upcoming US Presidential election, Cohen explained: "Joe Biden is the most anti-British president in recent memory, Trump is the UK's greatest unsung champion.

"And Trump's statement about Prince Harry's case underlines his respect for the institutions, especially the Royal Family that Britons cherish."

Donald Trump has warned that Prince Harry's US residency may be under threat if he's re-elected


Cohen admitted he finds it "interesting" that the UK would prefer another term from Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump.


Cohen told host Nana Akua: "I find it interesting that some British people say, oh not Trump, but I think he's got to be better than Biden. Anyone has got to be better than Biden. You or I are better than Joe Biden. You are certainly better than Joe Biden.

"I've written extensively about this in the British press - Britons should welcome his return, God willing, as the next President of the United States. He had great affection for the Queen and expressed it vociferously on many occasions.

"And like many of us Americans, he's outraged at Harry and Meghan's betrayals and disloyalty to the Crown."

Reflecting on the comments made by the former US President about Prince Harry, Cohen said Trump "doesn't always say things the way most people would", but has a talent for "saying what most people think".

Lee Cohen

Lee Cohen says Donald Trump is an 'unsung hero' in Britain

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He agreed with Trump and said he was "bang on" about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Cohen told GBN America: "People on both sides of the Atlantic are overwhelmingly, completely fed up with Harry and Meghan's betrayals, disloyal hypocrisy and self-promotion."

"Trump captures the public's disgust with the poisonous couple's boasting, like the lofty claims of their new rebranding that depicts Meghan as one of the world's most influential women.

"But the thing that really drives us over the edge, and President Trump captured this too, is the eternal sense of hubris and entitlement for this poisonous pair."

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