'If Biden can't win Michigan in a tight election, he's in JEOPARDY', claims Robert McCaw

'If Biden can't win Michigan in a tight election, he's in JEOPARDY', claims Robert McCaw

Edward Ahmed Mitchell said Biden could "be in jeopardy"

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 01/03/2024

- 21:39

Updated: 01/03/2024

- 22:40

Muslims in Michigan have been campaigning to vote "non-committed"

Deputy Director at Council on American-Islamic Relations National Headquarters Robert McCaw has claimed that "if Biden can't win Michigan in a tight election, he's in jeopardy."

Recent polls have suggested that Joe Biden could face a major blow if he doesn't secure Michigan during the general election.

During his time in office Joe Biden has attempted to walk a tightrope between sending aid to Israel, a longstanding US ally with historically strong support from Democrats, and appeasing those in his party who want the devastation in Gaza to end now.

Biden narrowly defeated Donald Trump in Michigan in the last election in 2020.

Sir Jacob Rees- Mogg, Robert McCaw

Robert McCaw spoke to GBN America about the upcoming election

GBN America ​

Biden and Trump are on course for a rematch in November, and in a close presidential election - as is predicted by most polls - experts say Michigan is a must-win state.

Speaking to GBN America McCaw said: "Muslim voters, they're not just upset over the politics of American foreign policy. In every mosque across the country, a Palestinian family is asking for the prayers of their fellow congregants of other races and nationalities where they're praying for their, nephews, nieces, cousins, parents, in some cases children that have been killed.

"So this isn't just a political matter. This is a personal matter to the Muslim community.

"When we look at this exit poll and when we speak with Muslims, we know on the ground that there is just a disheartened feeling towards the administration.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden narrowly won Michigan in 2020


"When you look at the overall picture for the nation, if President Biden can't win Michigan in a tight election, he's in jeopardy.

"According to new studies by CAIR and other Muslim groups that have similar data, there's around 2.5 million registered Muslim voters across the country in the number of swing States and including North Carolina and Ohio and Georgia

"We're we're seeing large Muslim populations that might not be able to swing an entire state's vote.

"But if it's a close vote, they can tip the results.

Robert McCaw

Robert McCaw said that the "upset" Muslim community "is not doing Biden any good"

GBN America

"Having an upset Muslim community with the Biden administration is not doing him any good."

Earlier in the interview he added: "40 per cent of Muslim voters would prefer an unnamed other candidate if there was a snap election that day for president.

"This is followed by another 25 per cent voting for third-party candidate Doctor Cornell West.

"And then Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump getting 13 per cent. That is over Biden, who received eight per cent."

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