Election WIPEOUT: Bombshell last-minute poll predicts Tories will get just 82 seats

Election WIPEOUT: Bombshell last-minute poll predicts Tories will get just 82 seats

WATCH NOW: Latest polling predicts Rishi Sunak's Tories will be 'wiped out' at the General Election

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/07/2024

- 21:48

The exclusive polling from Techne reveals Labour are predicted to secure over 450 seats at the election

Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have been dealt a last-minute blow ahead of the General Election, as the latest polling shows the Tories could secure less than 100 seats.

The exclusive GB News figures, provided by Techne, predict the Conservatives will secure just 82 seats at the July 4 ballot, with Sir Keir Starmer projected to win over 450 seats.

In the polling's vote share figures, it was also predicted that Sir Keir Starmer's party will garner a 40 per cent vote share overall, leaving the Tories with just 21 per cent.

Noting other parties, the stats also claimed that Reform UK could win seven seats and a 16 per cent vote share, with Sir Ed Davey's Liberal Democrats at an 11 per cent vote share and 55 seats.

Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak is predicted to win just 82 seats at Thursday's General Election, according to the latest polling


Discussing the polling on GB News, Dr Michaela Morizzo claimed there is "no doubt" that Labour will win the General Election.

Morizzo explained: "We are predicting around 40 per cent for them, and this would lead to a very big majority, a very large majority.

"But we have also always to consider both the minimum and maximum seats, because there is a great part of uncertainty leading to the uncertain voters."

Taking into consideration the masses of "undecided voters", Morizzo stressed that many people "may change their minds on their way to the polling station" on July 4.


The exclusive polling shows Labour are predicted to secure over 450 seats at the election

GB News

Morizzo added: "The polls reflect what is happening now, today. But normally in the UK and throughout Europe, in many countries, people normally decide travelling from home to the polling station."


GB News host Camilla Tominey reacted to the stats and claimed "if you had said a year ago the Conservatives would win just 82 seats, people would ask 'what are you talking about?'".

Asking for reaction from former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, Camilla suggested that the Tories "will be happy if their seat number starts with a one".

Kwasi hit back: "Well, not if it's 12 or 13! But three digits starting with one would be good."

Sharing his view on the polling, Former Minister of State of the United Kingdom for Europe and North America Geoff Hoon claimed people had "made their minds up a long time ago" that they would be "voting Labour".

Dr Michaela Morizzo

Dr Michaela Morizzo says there could be a 'very large majority' for Labour

GB News

Hoon explained: "Where I'm a little skeptical is the translation of that national vote share into constituencies.

"Because in order to say that the Conservatives are only going to get 82 seats somebody's got to look at that national vote share and apply it to 650 constituencies. And that's the bit I'm doubtful about."

He added: "In order to do that properly, you've got to have a profile of 650 seats, which I doubt that the pollsters have."

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