'Its an ego trip!' Sadiq Khan blasted for 'throwing away money' in brutal takedown

'Its an ego trip!' Sadiq Khan blasted for 'throwing away money' in brutal takedown
Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 21/01/2024

- 12:06

Susan Hall told GB News it is 'Londoners who pay the price for Sadiq Khan’s policies'

Sadiq Khan has been accused of "throwing away money", with London Mayoral Candidate for the Conservative Party Susan Hall claiming it is part of an "ego trip".

Writing for GB News, Hall said: "Sadiq Khan has constantly been making financial blunders and throwing away money.

"He's the only police and crime commissioner who couldn't get his act together and recruit the officers we desperately need, frittering away £92 million of government funding.

"TfL has become a black hole for cash and came close to bankruptcy under his watch until the government bailed him out.

Sadiq Khan

Susan Hall told GB News it is 'Londoners who pay the price for Sadiq Khan’s policies'


"Now it is haemorrhaging £130 million to fare dodgers because he can’t get a grip on crime in our city.

"Let’s not forget the £30 million he’s handed out to stop trade unions from striking, a bung he has only now admitted to. It's nothing short of hush money, arranged with the same unions that fund the Labour Party.

"But it gets worse. Sadiq Khan thinks it’s fine to splash £10 million on ‘what colour is your personality’ training for the police – as if that’s going to stop a single burglary or mugging in our streets.

"Then there’s the £1 million on beach parties and festivals, plus another million on free ads for, of all things, vaginal moisturisers and lingerie. It's not just wasteful; it's laughable.

"At the end of it all, it is Londoners who pay the price for Sadiq Khan’s policies."

Hall promised to give TfL "the overhaul it desperately needs, so it delivers value for money instead of spending, as we discovered, £2,928 a year on Greggs."

She added: "And I will make our streets safe, by getting a grip on crime and reforming the Met Police. This is where money needs to be prioritised, not on Sadiq Khan’s ego trip."

But a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: "As Mayor, Sadiq is focused on delivering on the issues that matter most to Londoners.


"This includes supporting families through the cost-of-living crisis with free school meals for all state primary school children, building a record number of council homes, being tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime – with homicides, gun crimes and the number of young people being injured with knives all down since 2016, making public transport more affordable for millions of Londoners, and taking world-leading action to tackle the climate crisis and air pollution.

"He’s also standing up for London against a government that’s refusing to properly fund our vital public services, with Sadiq having to step in to ensure the police, the London Fire Brigade and public transport network have the investment they need as we continue building a safer, fairer and greener London for everyone."

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