Reform UK blasts Hunt's Budget as 'utter garbage' - 'Trashing the UK!'

Reform UK blasts Hunt's Budget as 'utter garbage' - 'Trashing the UK!'

Jeremy Hunt cuts National Insurance by 2p

Keith Bays

By Keith Bays

Published: 09/03/2024

- 14:29

The Chancellor has been criticised for not focusing his efforts on the needs of small businesses

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has today faced scathing criticism over the budget that he delivered to the nation this week.

The Chancellor has been criticised for not focusing his efforts on the needs of small businesses and the working classes.

Responding to the budget, Reform UK Deputy Leader Ben Habib accused the Chancellor and the Government of ‘trashing the U.K.’

He added: “The Budget was garbage. Utter Garbage.

Richard Tice, Jeremy Hunt and Ben Habib

Reform hit out at Hunt's 'garbage' Budget


“He (Jeremy Hunt) doesn’t realise our economy is imploding, the Chancellor must take the burden of tax off business and the working and middle classes.

“Regulations must be relaxed. Top of the list Net Zero.”

The Chancellor has come in for further criticism for pinning the hopes of the nation’s economy on public sector productivity, something that has been historically difficult to measure and monitor, but forms part of Hunt’s strategy to create enough headroom in the public finances to pay for giveaways such as the 2p reduction in National Insurance.

Economist and former Joint Head of the UK Government’s Economic Service, Vicky Pryce said: “'there are serious problems in defining, measuring, and monitoring public sector productivity.


Ben Habib

Ben Habib has blasted the Budget

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt has said it is time to cut taxes GB News

“It is not clear that the investment plans for the NHS will bring about the required 'efficiency' cost savings, that the government hopes to see over the forecast period.”

The challenge the Government will face on Improving public sector productivity in the U.K. has been echoed by Dr Gerard Lyons, who has served previously as the Lead Adviser on Gordon Brown’s Business Council for Britain in 2007, and subsequently as Boris Johnson’s Chief Economic Adviser when he was Mayor of London in 2012.

Lyons said: “A significant improvement in UK public sector productivity would not only be welcome but is increasingly necessary but may be hard to achieve.”

The measures taken by the Chancellor aimed at attempting to Improve public services whilst being fair to taxpayers, did receive support from fellow Conservative MPs that have a wealth of Treasury experience.

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng MP, supported the Chancellor's productivity plans, saying: “I think this is very good if the productivity targets are met.

“NHS productivity improvements are vital for sustainable public finances.”

Hunt was also supported by the man who came up with the Idea for the NHS App, former Treasury Minister, Alan Mak MP, who said: "This investment in the NHS demonstrates how committed this Government is to provide a health and care system that works faster, is simpler to use and is fairer for all.

He added: “The funding for next year will mean more staff can be trained as part of the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan

“In addition, the huge investment in technology will build the NHS of the future, enabling doctors and nurses to spend their time treating patients instead of dealing with admin, while harnessing revolutionary treatments for illnesses like strokes and cancer."

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