‘He deserves a knighthood!’ Tory MP lavishes praise on Nigel Farage amid calls to rejoin party

‘He deserves a knighthood!’ Tory MP lavishes praise on Nigel Farage amid calls to rejoin party

Michael Fabricant says Nigel Farage 'deserves a knighthood'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 02/10/2023

- 17:16

The GB News presenter left the party 30 years ago

Tory MP Michael Fabricant has called for Nigel Farage to receive a knighthood as he lavished praise on the GB News presenter.

Speaking on GB News, the MP said the party should “beg” Farage to end his political hiatus by rejoining the party he quit 30 years ago.

The former Brexit Party leader had ditched the Tories as a result of their support for the Maastricht Treaty.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference, Farage refused to rule out a return to politics after being mobbed by fans at the Manchester convention centre.

Michael Fabricant and Nigel Farage

Michael Fabricant wants Nigel Farage to rejoin the party


Speaking to Patrick Christys on the matter, Fabricant called for Farage to be recognised for his achievements in politics.

“I think we should get on our hands and knees and beg him [to rejoin], we should award him with a knighthood that he should have had years ago”, he said.


“I was here when Farage walked in a couple of hours ago, and everyone was rushing forward. We love him.

“We would still be in the European Union if it hadn’t been for Nigel Farage effectively forcing David Cameron to hold a referendum.

“I would invite him back into the Conservative Party.”

Farage made his first appearance at the Conservative Party conference for 36 years, where he spoke on how his presence reflected the Tories’ state of play.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage ditched the Tories 30 years ago


GB News presenter Andrew Pierce asked: "You're here for the first time since perhaps 1987, 1988. My first question is, are you here to rejoin the Conservative Party Nigel?! Would you like to share it with GB News?"

Nigel laughed as he replied: "No! I think my presence here highlights the divisions within the party, and the battle that will happen I suspect after the next general election.

"I went to the CDO dinner last night, and these are a rebellious group of Tories, who feel the party has become un-Conservative, undemocratic, they're not really getting the choice to choose their own MPs as candidates, things like that.

Nigel continued: "I see what they're saying, I see what Suella Braverman is saying, and I do see, in some parts of the Conservative Party things that I've campaigned on for 10 or 15 years, now becoming mainstream.

"Mainstream in a wing of the party, but not in the party as a whole. And frankly let's face it, after 13 years, this is not a Conservative Party, it's a social democrat party. It's high tax, big state, high spend, open door immigration on the most extraordinary historic scale.

"And if they're not going to rediscover some sense of being a national party that believes in its people, they'll be out of office for 10 or 15 years."

Farage admitted that many of the Tory faithful see him as a “lost leader”.

“It’s a really funny one”, he said. “I never shifted my political opinions, never went right or left.

“I didn’t change from 1990, It’s the party that’s changed radically over the last three decades.

"And look at the polling in The Sunday Times yesterday. Fascinating polling showing on immigration issues, on the threats that it can pose. That 60 to 65% of the country agree with, agree with the view that I have put out there for years and been abused for.

"Most MP's are frightened to talk about it, this is where the Conservative Party needs to go after it loses the next election or it will get replaced."

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