Farage highlights huge elephant in room as Frost admits 'immigration is too high - it needs to change!'

Farage highlights huge elephant in room as Frost admits 'immigration is too high - it needs to change!'

Lord David Frost admitted 'immigration is too high' at the Conservative Party Conference

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 03/10/2023

- 13:51

Lord Frost said the Government needs to bring down migrant numbers 'very dramatically' in the next two years

Nigel Farage has highlighted a "huge elephant" in the room for the Conservative Party during their annual conference event in Manchester.

Speaking to former Brexit Minister Lord David Frost, Nigel pointed out that the Conservatives are "split" on many issues, including the surging migrant crisis in the UK.

This follows the latest figures revealed by GB News that more than 25,000 migrants have crossed the English Channel so far this year.

Yesterday morning, GB News reported that approximately 350 migrants in up to 8 boats had been intercepted by Border Force vessels and brought to Dover Harbour.

Nigel Farage presents on GB News

Nigel Farage addressed the 'huge elephant in the room' with Lord David Frost

GB News

Nigel said of Brexit and controlling the UK's borders: "It's linked, David, to the other elephant in the room. Net migration is running at all-time records. There is no prospect of it going down.

"And this is without even discussing what's happening in the English Channel, where, by the way, 900 have come in the last three days and there are more going to come tomorrow.

"The reason people think Brexit's failing is because one of the functions of a sovereign state is the ability to control your borders.

"The basic promise and belief that by voting for Brexit we would be in control and the numbers have gone up. Can you see why there's such disappointment in the red wall?"

Lord Frost replied: "I absolutely can. I share it. Immigration, legal and illegal, is too high. It is far too high and we need to bring it down. And illegal immigration is within our powers.

"The Government decides the conditions for visas. It can change that if it wishes, and it needs to change it. Not necessarily with the snap of the finger, but we need a program to get it down very, very dramatically in the next year or two."

Nigel then asked Lord Frost his thoughts on the Conservative Party being divided on Rishi Sunak's policies, including a recent U-turn on his original net-zero targets.

Nigel said: "Isn't the truth of what's really going on here that you know Sunak's made some comments over the course of the last couple of weeks?

"It's seen that the Labour leader perhaps is a bit softer than we believed before. But most delegates here, most MPs realistically know they can't win the next election."

Lord David Frost appears on GB News

Lord David Frost admitted 'immigration is too high' and called for change from Government

GB News

Nigel asked Frost: "Can he turn it around?"

Frost praised Sunak, admitting: "I think he can turn it around if he does the right things. We need a Conservative vision.

"How is the country going to be different under Conservative leadership? We need the tax cuts. I hope they do come in March.

"We need a proper energy policy, proper look at net zero, fracking, there's no shortage of things to do. We just need the 12 months we've got."

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