Jeremy Corbyn EXPELLED from Labour after announcing election plan

Jeremy Corbyn EXPELLED from Labour after announcing election plan

'Can you imagine Corbyn as PM?!' Nigel Farage defends decision to pull out

Jack Walters

By Jack Walters

Published: 24/05/2024

- 08:33

Updated: 24/05/2024

- 15:11

The former Leader of the Opposition, lost the Labour whip after criticising the Equalities & Human Rights Commission's 2020 report into antisemitism, announced his candidacy as an independent this morning

Jeremy Corbyn has been expelled from the Labour Party after announcing he will run as an independent candidate in Islington North on July 4.

Corbyn, who led Labour to its worst defeat since 1935, this morning put to bed speculation about his snap election plans as Southside reacted with fury.

During a three-minute video, the former Labour leader said: "I believe in democracy. I want our political parties to be democratic but members of Islington North Labour have been denied the right to choose their own candidate.

"And alongside that, the community as a whole has been disempowered because of it. We have to stand. We have to stand up and say, 'we are not taking this anymore, we will assert our rights'."

Jeremy Corbyn spites Labour as he announces bid to stand for re-election as an independent candidate

Jeremy Corbyn spites Labour as he announces bid to stand for re-election as an independent candidate


However, Labour opted to expel Corbyn altogether as the party's constitution ensures even voting for another party results in an automatic expulsion.

Labour’s rulebook makes clear that any party member who supports a political organisation other than Labour, or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, is ineligible to be or remain a party member and is therefore automatically excluded from membership.

Southside was also accused of accelerating its selection process by declaring Islington Councillor Praful Nargund as its candidate ahead of the expected announcement date of June 1.

A source close to the former Labour leader argued Sir Keir Starmer's inner circle had been bounced into the announcement due to Corbyn's local popularity.

The Corbyn ally told GB News: "They have carefully manipulated the process to silence dissent. It's proof Labour are worried about Jeremy's popularity."

However, a Labour source appeared to suggest this afternoon's announcement was coincidental.

"They're not bothered about him," the insider said. "If we win a majority and he wins, it is a minor embarrassment at best."

Jeremy Corbyn“I have a suspicion Jeremy will win,” a Corbyn ally told GB NewsPA

Corbyn also used his campaign launch to argue the UK is becoming more polarised and inequality is continuing to grow.

He seemingly slammed Starmer, who served as his Shadow Brexit Secretary, and instead called for an alternative type of politics.

The Islington North MP said: "These fundamental demands are not being presented by the official opposition at the moment.

"Yet they are the demands of millions of people all over the country."

Corbyn's allies remain confident that the former Labour leader can win his eleventh successive election in Islington North.

"I have a suspicion Jeremy will win," a Corbyn ally told GB News.

Kate Dove, who chairs the Corbyn-supporting campaign group Momentum, welcomed Corbyn's candidacy.

She said: "Jeremy Corbyn has loyally served the people of Islington North as their Labour MP for over 40 years.

"He wanted to run again as the Labour candidate and the local party backed him too.

"But Starmer and his Westminster clique again denied local people the chance to choose their own candidate and blocked Jeremy.

"Starmer has treated the people of Islington with contempt, setting the stage for a divisive and distracting election campaign."

Dove added: "Starmer’s attacks on Jeremy were never just about one man - they were about driving out the socialist politics he represented, in favour of elite interests.

"We will not allow Labour’s founding socialist values to be driven out of the party.

"Momentum will continue to stand up for real Labour values within the party, while campaigning for socialist and trade unionist Labour candidates in the coming election."

However, Southside staffers have increasingly committed themselves to getting Corbyn out of the Commons.

A Labour source said: "Corbyn’s team themselves are wary that if there is a 20-point swing across the country, part of that will also be in Islington.

Keir Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer is facing a challenge from Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North


"A Starmer staffer was overheard saying that even if Corbyn stands, they just want rid of him."

Former Harlow MP Bill Rammell also told GB News: "I think Labour will win but it's not critical.

"Corbyn's candidacy could weirdly help us. It will highlight Starmer's strength. He's rooted out the Corbynistas. He's rooted out antisemitism. Corbyn running will only symbolise that."

Corbyn carries significant levels of local support and was returned with more than 64 per cent of the vote in 2019.

Labour had shortlisted Nargund and London Assembly Member Sem Moema to run against the 74-year-old.

The Leader of the Opposition this morning vowed to field an "excellent candidate" against his predecessor, adding: "This election is about a choice, a choice of five more years of the chaos and division that we’ve seen over the last 14 years or turning the page and rebuilding our country with Labour."

Starmer was previously accused of blocking Corbyn's return as the National Executive Committee ruled the former Leader of the Opposition "will not be endorsed by the NEC as a candidate on behalf of the Labour Party at the next general election".

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn


Despite losing the Labour whip, Tories continue to point out Starmer had a close working relationship with Corbyn ahead of the 2019 General Election.

The battle for Islington North presents Labour MPs with a challenge in both electioneering and policy-making.

Corbyn's allies, including former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, sit in the 31-strong Socialist Campaign Group.

A number of the Labour MPs remain critical of Starmer's leadership, particularly over his stance on Israel's war with Hamas.

Former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, a loyal supporter of Corbyn who currently sits as an independent, is having her suspension investigated.

Starmer confirmed the probe into the Hackney North & Stoke Newington MP will conclude ahead of polls opening on July 4.

GB News has approached the Labour Party for comment.

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