Brussels aiming for Brexit revenge as EU threatens to BLOCK UK energy amid row over fishing rights

Ursula von der Leyen and British fishing vessels

Brussels aiming for Brexit revenge as EU threatens to BLOCK UK energy amid row over fishing rights

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Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 04/12/2023

- 19:05

Updated: 05/12/2023

- 07:48

According to the report, the EU could re-establish tariffs or quotas on UK fishing imports

Brussels could be aiming to take revenge against Britain after Brexit as the EU has threatened to block the UK’s access to energy markets should fishing communities on the continent find themselves at risk.

Come 2026, the UK will have a chance to renegotiate the fisheries agreement with the EU with the possibility of limiting the access of EU fishing vessels to British waters.

Banning EU vessels from operating within British sovereign waters is not currently planned by the British Government, but the EU has drawn up contingency plans should a hard red line be introduced.

According to an official report on the implementation of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), there are no further quota reductions for EU fishermen but MEPs have nonetheless begged for “reciprocal access to waters and fisheries resources” to be maintained after the 30 June, 2026, deadline.

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Suggesting that fishing could be weaponised, the report reads: “Should the UK decide to limit the access of EU fishing vessels to British waters at the end of the adjustment period, the EU would be able to take measures to protect its interests.

“In accordance with the TCA itself, these measures include the re-establishment of tariffs or quotas on the UK’s fish imports and the suspension of other parts of the TCA should there be a risk of serious economic or social difficulties for the EU’s fishing communities.

“In this regard, the EU should consider linking other specific parts of the TCA, such as the UK’s access to the European electricity market, as well as other relevant sectors under the TCA, with the EU’s access to British waters and fisheries resources.”

Hitting back against the report, Sir John Redwood told Sunak to “ignore the threats” and instead focus on building Britain’s energy security.

Fishermen off the coast of Jersey

Fishermen off the coast of Jersey


“This shows the EU continues to want to bully us,” the Tory MP for Wokingham told

“The Government should ignore these threats and get on with rebuilding our fishing industry.

“It also needs to ensure self-sufficiency in electricity.”

Lia Nici, Conservative MP for Great Grimsby, claimed that the EU’s threat shows the value of Britain’s quotas.

Sir John Redwood on GB NewsSir John Redwood on GB NewsGBN

“This is yet another ridiculous action by the EU to try to threaten the UK with silly suggestions like this,” she also told the Express.

“By 30 June 2026, the UK will have taken back full control of all its sovereign fishing waters and fish quotas.

“It will be free to decide who can fish for all of our fish species in its waters, just as the EU and other sovereign nations can with their own quotas, which happens annually.

“Is the EU seriously considering limiting electricity supplies to the UK if it doesn’t get its own way?

“That clearly proves how valuable our fishing quotas must be! Let’s hope we don’t have a Labour Government by 2026, or they will give it all away.”

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