Harry and Meghan have nowhere to go in USA: 'They're fighting war against themselves'

Harry and Meghan have nowhere to go in USA: 'They're fighting war against themselves'

Giles Kenningham discusses Harry and Meghan's place within the Royal Family

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Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 04/12/2023

- 15:02

Updated: 04/12/2023

- 16:14

“I think essentially it's the law of diminishing returns for Harry and Meghan," said Kenningham

A snub against the Sussexes has sparked renewed discussion about the couple’s place within the Royal Family, and what they are hoping to achieve in the long-term.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were left off the invite list for the Duke of Westminster’s wedding, set to be held in Chester in June of next year.

The news comes despite Harry’s close relationship with the Duke, who is godfather to Prince Archie and Prince George and has acted as their mentor at times.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the Duke made the decision in order to avoid awkwardness, as the relationship between the Sussexes and the Royal Family continues to show strain with little sign either side will sue for peace.

Meghan Markle and Prince HarryMeghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to the Californian town Montecito in 2020 PA

“It's incredibly sad it has come to this,” a friend of William and Harry's told The Sunday Times. “Hugh is one of very few close friends of William and Harry's who has maintained strong bonds and a line of communication with both.

“He wishes they could put their heads together and patch things up, but realises it's unlikely to happen before the wedding… He wanted to avoid anything overshadowing the day, especially for Olivia, and doesn't want any awkwardness.”

Former comms adviser at Number 10, Giles Kenningham, joined Camilla Tominey to discuss the Sussexes’ place within the Royal Family as they continue to fight for relevance.

Camilla began the conversation saying: “So the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, who's a very good friend of both William and Harry, he's getting married in Chester in the summer.


Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry (left)was left off the list for the Duke of Westminster's wedding, unlike his brother Prince William (right)


“It's the society wedding, not just of the year but the century. Because obviously the Duke of Westminster's one of the country's richest men, and he's decided that he'll invite William, but not Harry. I mean, how do you think this whole scandal, if you like, is played out for both the Royals and indeed the Sussex's Giles?“

Kenningham replied, “I mean, it almost feels like for Harry and Meghan, they're fighting a war against themselves because the royal family aren't really reacting to a lot of this.

“I think essentially it's the law of diminishing returns for Harry and Meghan, they can have a go once on this. If they keep having a go I think people are going to stop listening.

“Interestingly, you don't think they poll very well in the UK. So from a PR perspective, can they come back here and where do they go in the US?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly not been invited to Christmas with the royals


“They've been dumped by Spotify over that deal. So you sort of see this kind of move to try and become relevant and the way they've become relevant, it's becoming shriller and shriller and shriller. I don't think it works.”

Camilla came back in: “Also, I'm wondering whether they've got anything left to say now. You know, the so-called alleged royal racist who questioned Archie's skin tone or a future baby's skin tone have been outed as the king and the Princess of Wales. And yet, at the same time, most people don't think that it was racist to suggest it in the 1st place.

“But secondly, it takes a sting out of any book that Megan was planning to write or any further revelations. I'm kind of looking at them thinking, what more do you now have to say?”

Keeping his thoughts brief, Kenningham replied, “Yeah, they're just looking very bitter instead of actually just standing back and moving on with their lives.”

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