‘Jumping on the woke bandwagon!’ Airlines blasted by MP for refusing to join Rwanda deal

‘Jumping on the woke bandwagon!’ Airlines blasted by MP for refusing to join Rwanda deal

Michael Fabricant GRILLS airlines for refusing to sign up to the Rwanda deal

Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 19/12/2023

- 16:44

Airlines are reportedly concerned about the Rwanda deal affecting their reputation

Sir Michael Fabricant, Conservative MP has slammed airlines for "jumping on the woke bandwagon" and refusing to join the Rwanda deal.

Airlines have reportedly refused to sign any contracts with the Home Office to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda, amid concerns they could face reputational damage if the deportation plan gets off the ground.

In a chat with GB News Sir Michael Fabricant said that Rwanda is a "safe country."

He said: "I think that the airlines are just jumping on a woke bandwagon. But let's be clear, you've shown film on your news bulletin of what the accommodation is like in Rwanda.

He said that the airlines are jumping on a bandwagon

GB News

"These people choose to come here illegally. Those who come here legally will not be sent to Rwanda.

"Those people who come here illegally will be sent, or some of them will be sent to Rwanda for processing and their applications will be considered there. And if they pass, they will be sent back to the UK.

"It's meant to deter the boat crossings and we've got to see it happen. How will we get around it? Well, if the airlines still decide that they don't want to carry on with this, they might well change their minds next year, then you know what?

"We'll use the Royal Air Force Transport Command. We have extensive facilities in Transport command and if necessary we'll transport them with the RAF."

Ben said that he doesn't think that RyanAir has "much of a reputation to protect"

GB News

GB News host Ben Leo added: "There was a story that broke over the weekend about a Labour candidate for MP who funnily enough was sending children to Rwanda on holiday schemes.

"So apparently some Labour cohorts seem to think it's a perfectly reasonable place to go."

He then explained that he didn't think that "airlines have much of a reputation to protect."

He said: "I personally think airlines don't have much of a reputation to protect. But Ryanair of all airlines, you should see the way that they speak to their customers on Twitter."

Rwanda tourist hotel poised to host Channel migrants from UK \u2013 in pictures

A view of facilities at Hope House, a hostel in Nyabugogo, the Gasabo district of the capital city Kigali, in Rwanda


The Conservative MP then joked and said that he never flies RyanAir and only flies BA.

Since the news of the airlines declining the flights broke, Home Office officials have insisted that if and when the Rwanda legislation becomes law, there will be flights available.

A Government spokesman told The Sunday Times: “The Government is committed to doing whatever it takes to stop the boats and get flights to Rwanda off the ground as soon as possible.

“Rwanda is ready to welcome large numbers of people and we have robust plans in place for future flights following discussions with a range of companies.”

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