'Trans women are MALE!' Mark Dolan claims woke BBC punished presenter for speaking a 'biological FACT'

'Trans women are MALE!' Mark Dolan claims woke BBC punished presenter for speaking a 'biological FACT'

Mark Dolan claims "'Trans women are MALE"

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 04/03/2024

- 08:38

Updated: 04/03/2024

- 12:25

During the broadcast in August, Webb said on air the phrase: "Trans women, in other words, males"

Our post truth national broadcaster upheld a complaint against the today presenter after he said “trans women, in other words males” on the BBC Radio 4 programme last August.

A listener complained that the comment amounted to Mr Webb giving his personal view on a controversial matter, in breach of the BBC's requirements on impartiality. The BBC's editorial complaints unit – a sinister body that would have the Chinese Communist Party blushing – agreed, of course it did - saying that Webb gave the impression of endorsing one viewpoint in a highly controversial area.

I don’t think it’s controversial, if you did GCSE biology. Justin Webb has called someone with a penis male and now he’s in trouble with bosses. Is it any wonder why people are turning away from the BBC?

If a news broadcaster, whose job it is to impart the events of the day, and gather facts, cannot say things which are scientifically and biologically the case, we are in trouble.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan shared his view on the BBC punishing the presenter

GB News

Not being able to call somebody with an XY chromosome, a fully intact individual with a phallus and testicles male, shows how far down the rabbit hole we have descended. Impartiality doesn't come into it.

It's not an opinion - if you have a willie winkle, a john Thomas, a ding dong, a pink stick, a friendly pencil, a love sword – , you are a male. And it's certainly not transphobic to say so.

If it was, every dictionary ever printed, and every biology book ever published is guilty of the same crime. People who adhere to the fact of biological sex are often called gender critical. They're not gender critical – they are gender factual.

Writing in the spectator magazine, Debbie Hayton, who is a trans-woman herself has said Justin Webb has been wronged by the BBC. Hayton wrote: "The BBC has upheld a ludicrous complaint against the Today programme’s Justin Webb. Back in August, Webb told listeners that trans women were ‘in other words, males’.

"This basic truth should not be controversial. We transwomen are male. It is a necessary criterion – women cannot be transwomen because women are female."

Justin Webb

Justin Webb landed himself in hot water at the BBC


I wonder how long it takes before Debbie Hayton, also gets cancelled. Now of course we all have free speech, and you can say whenever you like, within the law. But to punish somebody for saying things which are true and are the case is the point of no return. And it's truly shocking that the BBC are enforcing what is an anti-scientific ideology, which says even if you are fully intact male, as long as you feel like a woman, you are a woman.

And therefore, logically, would be accommodated in a female prison, entitled to visit or work in a rape crisis centre, compete against women in female sport or use female bathrooms and changing rooms, whilst letting it all hang out. With its enforcement of this dystopian madness, the BBC is cancelling women.

A private company is entitled to do that, but it's a sick joke that female license fee payers are forking out almost 160 quid a year, for the privilege of being gaslit by this sexist, homophobic new religion.

Sexist because womens’ hard won sex space rights are being diminished in the name of empathy and inclusion - you tell me why it's acceptable for somebody who is a biological male to win an award like woman of the year – and it's homophobic, because lesbians for example are told they are bigots, if they are not attracted to a grown man who calls himself a lesbian.


A listener of BBC Radio 4 complained after Webb had been discussing the decision by a sporting body to ban trans women from all-female competitions


It's my view that you would need to be on some quite strong mind altering drugs to come to the conclusion that a biological male can ever be a lesbian woman.

Or you could just work for the BBC.

Justin Webb shouldn't be punished for this so called outburst, he should be promoted.

He/him spoke for millions of ordinary Brits, who are sick to the back teeth of this nonsense.

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