Phillip Schofield: I'm enjoying watching his ego being taken down, says Stephen Dixon

Phillip Schofield This Morning latest

Phillip Schofield had a well-known reputation in the TV industry

Stephen Dixon

By Stephen Dixon

Published: 24/05/2023

- 19:07

Updated: 24/05/2023

- 19:09

This Morning host had well-known reputation in the TV industry

I can’t lie – I’ve rather enjoyed watching the Phillip Schofield saga unravel.

It is a bit unfair of me. I’ve don’t know the man, but I do know of his reputation in the industry, much of which has been reinforced of late by interviews doing the rounds, including Carol McGiffin giving her take on GB News.

I’ve never been one of these ‘demanding’ presenters. I’ve always just got on the with the job and tried to be part of the team, so there’s something satisfying, a touch of Karma, when the big ‘egos’ take a tumble.

I am worried now though that this is just becoming a battle of the egos, everyone who thinks THEY should be the Godparent of British television trying to establish their position.

They’re now even starting on Holly Willoughby. “What Holly wants, Holly gets” is the latest battle cry – “What a disgraceful situation”.

The irony is that I don’t disagree with the sentiment. I don’t think presenters should be able to demand every little thing.

You should work for the good of the show, the good of the channel you’re on and anything beneficial for your OWN career is an added benefit.

But the people who are shouting from the hilltops about Mr Schofield – and now that he’s gone, the ‘backstabber’ Holly Willoughby are, to put it lightly, treading on thin ice.

It’s a bit of cheek to complain about someone who has a reputation for treating a production crew badly if you behave the same way.

Stephen Dixon

GB News Breakfast presenter Stephen Dixon with co-host Ellie Costello

GB News

You can’t spend a career being nakedly ambitious and then criticise someone for being nakedly ambitious themselves.

It is fascinating to see this whole drama unfold, but just remember that most of the ring-side commentary is driven is ego, jealousy and bitterness.

Phillip Schofield ITV

ITV staff are said to be 'jubilant' to see Philip Schofield leave This Morning


Whatever happens for Phil and Holly moving forward, we really should wish them well.

This is an episode for them both filled with pain, upset and heartache and at the end of the day, like the rest of us, they’re only human.

Sadly, it’s presenters who often forget that.

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