Meghan Markle is a self-absorbed narcissist who's living in a parallel universe, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan doesn't hold back when sharing his thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Mark Dolan doesn't hold back when sharing his thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 11/12/2022

- 21:33

Updated: 11/12/2022

- 21:39

Meghan and Harry don't really do family do they?

In the past, Prince Harry has poured scorn on King Charles' skills or lack thereof as a father, and in this latest documentary series he has made a sly dig at his brother William, by implying his wife Kate, fits some kind of mould, that she ticks boxes or something.

God knows what he was saying. But he may have a point.

If Kate is in a mould, she’s is in the mould, of a nice wife who gets on with her husband's family.

Is that too much to ask? We’ve all got to make it work with the in-laws, don’t we? And it isn't always easy.

It’s my view that Kate, is in the mould of a dignified woman, who is humbly fulfilling her role as wife mother and Princess of Wales, representing her family and serving the nation.

Harry seems to go for partners, who indeed, don't fit the mould.

Don’t get me wrong, Meghan Markle is a stunningly beautiful and charismatic woman, who many thought and hoped, was the next Diana.

But what has emerged, is a self-absorbed, narcissist, living in a parallel universe, with her own version of the truth, like the fiction of the date of their wedding to give but one example.

Harry and Meghan, don't do family when it comes to Meghan’s side either.

With the couple famously dumping, poor old Thomas Markle, not even visiting him, when he had a heart attack, and of course, uninviting him from the wedding.

Samantha Markle, Thomas Markle junior, they’ve all been cancelled by this pair.

You'd think that Harry’s protective instincts towards his family would at least surface in relation to our great Queen Elizabeth the second.

He may have resentment towards his brother or his father, fair enough. Families are complicated.

But as the Queen battled ill health, in which turned out to be the final months of her life, and as she grieved her beloved, Philip, Harry was quite happy to do podcasts slagging off his family, and the monarchy itself, and announcing a tell-all biography, which doubtless caused the Queen sleepless nights.

America’s top psychiatrist, Dr Carol Lieberman wasn’t pulling her punches on my show on Friday when she said 'Meghan killed Queen Elizabeth II and Phillip.

I’m a big fan of Carol’s, but I don’t agree with her. However, I would say the mental anguish cant have been great our late monarch in her final days.

You could say that all of that is in the past, but the documentary that landed on Thursday, a documentary every minute of which, has been signed off by this image-conscious couple, featured a horrific scene, in which Meghan mocked the fact, that she bowed and curtsied to Elizabeth.

Sorry, that's the moment when Harry steps in and says 'that's my grandma you're talking about' and one of the all-time greatest Britons.

Instead he smirked, looking like he wanted that ten grand sofa to swallow him up. The fact that he would allow that dreadful moment to go into the film, tells you everything you need to know about Harry's family values.

Throw Charles a bit of shade, no problem. But I'm sorry, this is my personal view, but don't you dare adulterate, the memory of Elizabeth.

And there's another family, that this couple, seem to struggle with – the community of nations known as the Commonwealth. Which, as a result of their one-sided history lesson, to which we were subjected in this documentary, is characterised as a sort of empire 2.0. Even though, the opposite is the case.

The Commonwealth exists, as a symbol, of the end of empire, in which countries, that we once occupied, began a new relationship of solidarity, diplomacy, and friendship.

The Commonwealth is a wonderful, charitable endeavour, it provides nations around the world, with fantastic, economic opportunities, a global sporting event, in the form of the Commonwealth Games, and untold cultural enhancement.

It encourages mutual understanding, between our different nations, reflecting on our shared history, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and more importantly, our shared future.

Notwithstanding the many shocking and appalling crimes of empire, the Commonwealth, representing the end of horrors like slavery and colonial rule - is our proudest achievement.

How many other empires – because of course we weren’t the only one – boast enduring friendships and collaborations, in the form of a voluntary club, now made up of 54 nations? As Robert Hardman points out in the Daily Mail this week.

Empire 2.0, eh? Hardman goes on to point out, that the Commonwealth has acquired a new member, Gabon, a nation, that was not even part of Britain’s colonial footprint.

Do they think the commonwealth is empire 2.0? It’s also pretty patronising to paint a picture of these great global nations as pathetic, tragic victims of Western superpower.

I doubt they would share that view, otherwise they would have long ago, rescinded their membership.

I believe that the Commonwealth is the envy of the world, and we shouldn't apologise for it. We should be growing it, investing in it and celebrating it.

We should be shouting, from the rooftops. Far from being something, to feel bad about, the Commonwealth is an uncommon success.

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