Mark Dolan: Every single Covid measure you can think of has got to go, lock stock and barrel

Mark Dolan: Every single Covid measure you can think of has got to go, lock stock and barrel
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 21/01/2022

- 21:54

'Until this is over, and until the needless human suffering stops, I won't shut up, I won't be quiet, and I won't stay in my lane.'

Amusing? Or is it? Because behind this humour is a message.

A message we heard from the Covid zealots since day one. You're not a scientist. Show me your degree in epidemiology. I'd rather listen to a scientist then an actor, a journalist, a stand-up comedian or an ordinary, unqualified man or woman in the street.

The message in this cartoon is one we've had for the pandemic throughout. Don't question, just obey. Stay at home, wear a mask, get the jab.

Don't ask questions, stay in your lane and shut up. For two years those who questioned the effectiveness of Covid measures and drew attention to their colossal damage, which is beyond debate, have been called dangerous.

That's right for the first time in living memory, it's been dangerous to question government policy. People kept awake at night by the impact of Covid measures and doubtful of their efficacy have been called heartless, granny killers and worst of all right-wing.

Why is a concern about wrecking peoples lives, economic damage, closed schools and covering peoples faces against their will right wing?Well it's not right wing is it. It's just a way of putting you down, of closing out the debate and shutting you up.

It's the same way that a triple vaxxed person who defends the right for somebody not have a vaccine as an anti-vaxxer.

Wow you've had three jabs and you're an anti-vaxxer. How does that work? It's the same as the right wing slur, granny killer and all the rest of it. It's to put you down to shut you up.

Fear porn has played out on our TV screens in the course of the pandemic, endless scenes from hospitals painting just one picture of the coronavirus pandemic. It turns out, according to official office for National statistics dataseventeen and a half thousand sad deaths were caused from or with covid, where there were no other comorbidities.

The average age of death is over 80. Dreadful, appalling deaths of course. And a tragedy for those involved. But that damning figure is on a par or lower than what we might see from a bad flu season. And we never locked down the country, closed once viable businesses and borrowed half a trillion quid for the flu.

The truth is that it's not just ordinary people like you and me who have been silenced in the course of this pandemic and told to stay in our lane. To do what we're told and to shut up.

Leading academics critical of these measures have been silenced too. Or silenced themselves, often for fear of attack, reputational damage, the loss of funding and even potentially the loss of their job.

Which is why the voices supportive of these measures in the world of science has been particularly loud. Creating the illusion of a consensus. Creating the impression they are the mainstream. Not really. They've just bullied everyone else out of the way. But I'm not stupid. And you're not stupid. The numbers are in.

Just look at the graphs of countries that locked down hard and those that didn't, and states in America - show me the difference. And where's the evidence that masks made a blind bit of difference.

The surgical and cloth masks of which so many virtue signalling ideologues are fond, aren't even accepted in Austria or Germany. They don't accept them. Lockdown loving CNN’s chief medical adviser said do not wear a face mask cloth mask they are facial furniture. But if you wear one you're a nice person apparently. I'm so confused.

Meanwhile that prize numpty London Mayor Sadik Khan has said he will continue the mask mandate on the tubes even though it has been lifted by central government. London clearly an oasis of communism in an otherwise free country.

Some universities and schools have said they will continue with mask mandates. How is that even legal? And the idea of the teaching unions give one fig about the welfare of children, who suffer as a result of masks, but face scant threat from the virus itself, has now come and gone.

Surely institutions continuing the mask mandate can'tenforced them after Parliament scrapped them. High-profile medics continue to preach the mask ideology. A year ago I famously chopped up a mask on national radio.

Friends and colleagues told me at the time it's not a hill to die on. It's only a mask.

Well it's now January 2022 and it turns out it was hill to die on. Because some people want this forever. They want masks forever, they want social distancing forever, they want work from home orders forever. They want fear forever. They want control forever. That's why it matters.

That's why it's all the hill to die on. Closed schools is a hill to die on. Masks are a hill to die on. Work from home orders, stopping healthy people from going to work, paying people to stay at home and do nothing, arrows in supermarkets, those pathetic glass Perspex screens, endless hand sanitiser which was debunked ages ago.

It's all a hill to die on. Every single Covid measure you can think of has got to go, lock stock and barrel. Vast portions of the media, brainwashed and fearful members of the public, bullying trade unions, partisan medics and scientists, are all signed up to the cozy Covid consensus.

None of them want this to end. They've now got an appetite for control and for compliance and they don't want togive it up. But they are losing the battle. We have reached escape velocity not from the virus, it will be sadly here forever.

But from the hellish mechanisms which have caused so much human, economic and societal damage. So it's almost done in my view. Future generations will look back at disease with a survival rate of over 99% and have a simple question – what the hell were they thinking.

But as long as we learn our lessons and finish the job and make sure this isn’t repeated, then we can move forward. With two words that must resonate the length and breadth of the country. Never again.

I like many have doubtless paid a price for asking questions. Broadcasting on the national airwaves in the course of the whole pandemic, hearing the human stories, your stories,of suffering, mental torture, health problems and personal financial hell, it's been impossible for me to not to ask questions. And I've lost friends in doing so.

But clearly, they weren't friends in the first place. So until this is over, and until the needless human suffering stops, I won't shut up, I won't be quiet, and I won't stay in my lane. And neither should you.

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