‘Is anyone at the top not clinically dead? - Ageing leaders are hurting America,’ says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

GB News
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 11/09/2023

- 20:18

Updated: 11/09/2023

- 20:36

‘If we're going to have old people at the top, maybe we should get people who are more entertaining’

Who is the most dangerous man in the world? Vladimir Putin? Kim Jong Un? President Xi of China?

Well, if you listen to most US media outlets whom he's likely to destroy, you think it's bandit Tucker Carlson, who via the only free speech platform left in the world, X, is having the time of his life dropping a volume of truth bombs that would have even ISIS blushing.

So far, he's exposed the eye-watering bias in establishment media, dared to question US support for the war in Ukraine and his latest act of treason, interviewing a man who said he had sex with ex-US President Barack Obama.

Now I've got no problem with Barack Obama being attracted to men. I'll be honest, he's got lovely eyes and a peach of a backside. But do Americans not feel a little missold given that the image of this two-term president was rooted in the idea that he was the ultimate family man with a loving wife and kids?

Mark Dolan\u200b

Mark Dolan

GB News

Little did we know that he was so camp he made Freddie Mercury look like Hugh Hefner.

Is anyone at the top of US politics not clinically dead?

With the president more confused than Barack Obama at a Liza Minelli concert, Senate House leader Mitch McConnell had a senior moment.

Meanwhile, he gets a ringing endorsement from picture of Health Joe Biden.

Mark Dolan and the Golden Girls

Mark Dolan and the Golden Girls

GB News

When Joe Biden tells you that you're in good cognitive health, it's time to head straight to your nearest care home.

This so-called geritocracy of ageing leaders is hurting America.

Chuck Schumer, Democratic Majority Leader at the Senate, is 72. A veritable spring chicken.

Bernie Sanders, standard bearer of the left in the past two Democratic primaries, is 81.


Trump is 77, Biden 80, McConnell 81, Nancy Pelosi 83, and Senator Dianne Feinstein, at 90, is older than Frankenstein.

If we're going to have old people at the top of an American life, maybe we should get people who are more entertaining.

Why don't we gather up the cast of The Golden Girls to lead America into the 21st century? After all, that iconic sitcom featured characters of all types, the wise-cracking one, the sex-mad one and the stupid one. They’d fit in perfectly in Washington.

And last but not least, the mansion-owning private jet-dwelling US special President Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, who's no Billy Graham, Muhammad Ali or JFK when it comes to public speaking.

He's worried about global warming, but every time this guy opens his mouth, he's responsible for global sleeping.

Kerry is worried about climate change, but I'm worried about the safety implications of his oratory skills.

Whatever you do, don't operate heavy machinery. While John Kerry is talking, America's main climate change mouthpiece is full of hot air.

I'll see you next time for more Dolan on America.

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