If Bill Gates and the WHO are allowed to take control of international pandemic policy we’re in deep trouble, says Dan Wootton

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Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 16/05/2022

- 21:59

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:25

Neither accept the failure of lockdowns and jabs in preventing infections.

Outside of the Chinese Communist Party itself or the World Economic Forum and its little Covid dictators like Trudeau and Ardern, I don’t think there’s an international organisation in the world I trust less than the World Health Organisation to manage future international pandemic policy.

Let’s be very clear for a moment.

As I have been saying since April 2020, the WHO, with Dr Tedros at the helm as Director General, aided and abetted the Chinese government in covering up the origins of the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, with truly devastating consequences for the world.

It praised China for transparency at a time the state was killing whistle-blowers and claiming human-to-human transmission of the virus was impossible.

There’s been no consequence for China, the rogue state for whom the WHO seems to do its bidding.

Still no honest investigation. Still no answers. Still no reckoning.

Donald Trump was the only world leader prepared to stand up to this dangerous international organisation, withdrawing funding for the WHO.

But now we’re all meant to nod along blindly as if the WHO has our best interests at heart.

Like hell they do.

That’s why I am deeply angry and even more concerned about a so-called World Health Organisation pandemic accord to be discussed when the body meets this Sunday for the World Health Assembly.

The accord is expected to increase the power of the WHO in the pandemic response by individual states.

And we know what that means.

More lockdowns, more masks, more jabs, less freedom.

And where are our politicians?

Only one I can find, the heroic Steve Baker, has raised any questions about the WHO’s pandemic accord.

He wrote…“I just tabled a written question to Sajid Javid asking for both a written and an oral statement on the UK's negotiating position in relation to the proposed international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response under the auspices of the WHO.”

He added…“As I have said time and again, lockdown powers need reform. There can be no question of signing up to a treaty which hands those powers to an unaccountable international body and I would be amazed if Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid intended to do so.”

Well we need to find out.

So where’s all the TV and newspaper coverage of this?

Well, the mainstream media too is in the lockstep with the WHO and Bill Gates over the correct approach to pandemic management – even though both the organisation and the man got it all spectacularly wrong.

Gates is out promoting his book How To Prevent The Next Pandemic.

According to one uncharitable reviewer quoted by Matt Ridley, writing in The Daily Telegraph, the book’s main message “is that we can prevent the next pandemic by doing all of the things that did not stop the last pandemic event, only more, faster and harder”.

Just look at the way CNN’s Anderson Cooper engages with Gates over his nonsensical plan to be vaccinated every six months, regardless of natural infection…

Of course, Bill Gates has proven himself to not be very smart during this pandemic.

Er, anyone looking at the data and avoiding the hysteria knew exactly who was most vulnerable to Covid.

If Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation are allowed to take control of international pandemic policy we’re in deep trouble.

Neither accept the failure of lockdowns and jabs in preventing infections.

Neither talk about the devastating economic firestorm and wave of deaths coming thanks to two years of lockdowns.

And neither stand up to China for either the lab leak lies or the Zero Covid nightmare.

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