GB News is the People's Channel, and it's people power, that will see us to victory, says Mark Dolan

GB News is the People's Channel, and it's people power, that will see us to victory, says Mark Dolan
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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 29/10/2022

- 21:11

Updated: 29/10/2022

- 21:12

In the end we're running our own race folks, it's a marathon not a Sprint and we will win.

The famous American psychologist Dale Carnegie, the founding father of self-help books had a brilliant attitude to the criticism of others. If someone has a go at you, just repeat this expression in your mind over and over again.

Nobody kicks a dead dog. Because nobody, kicks a dead dog. If you're being attacked, undermined or even cancelled, it's probably because you're a threat.

So rather than be put out by the criticism of others perturbed by a campaign to shut you up, be flattered, be emboldened. Especially if you're annoying all of the right people. Nobody kicks a dead dog.

Which brings me to GB news, on air for a year and a bit, and yet in these few short months, thanks to you, and your support and belief in us, we have already changed the media landscape. Other news channels, have already been influenced by our more combative, personality led and good humoured approach to current affairs and another television news network has since entered the market, hot on our heels, doubtless mindful of the success we've been having.

Imitation is the best form of flattery. We’re trending on social media on an almost daily basis and achieve more column inches than you can shake a stick at. Many in the media can't stand us, but they can't stop talking about us either.

The figures speak for themselves, we regularly catch Sky News in prime time and I’m normally beating them at around this time. And our radio audience, it was revealed this week, has grown by over 40% in just three months. I’ve always had a great face for that medium.

We are online, we are on TV and we are on the wireless. And we've got over half a million subscribers on YouTube, recently passing LBC, who were established in 1973.

And we go viral on twitter with monologues like the Big Opinion on a daily basis. The response to this channel since we came on air, notwithstanding one or two technical issues – we've been through more sound engineers than Hugh Hefner’s been through playboy bunnies – has been overwhelmingly positive.

You've called us balanced, a breath of fresh air, fearless and fun. We're still learning, we're still growing, but we have what American political strategists called the big mo, momentum. Which is why it's so surprising that in an article about this channel in the excellent Telegraph newspaper

It’s been revealed that advertising agencies are conducting an effective boycott of the channel, egged on by online pressure groups, who want to shut down debate in this country, seeking to starve the business of the income it needs, to stay on air.

Why do these campaigns exist? Well they are clearly politically motivated and bear no relation to the content we put out every day. How can I be so sure? Because these campaigns began before we even went on air. Because they hoped that a channel that called out extreme political correctness, also called woke ism, a channel that dared to be patriotic and say that Britain for its flaws is a truly great country could be strangled at birth.

They hate the existence of channel that looks at Brexit in the round and identifies its huge potential as well as its downsides, they hate a channel that unlike others, draws attention to the illegal migration of up to 1000 people a day in what is a humanitarian, economic and national security disaster.

They though we could be smothered in our infancy. No such luck. GB news has been born, and is now a rather feisty toddler and it ain't going anywhere. And whilst a few media executives in Soho might be rather snooty about encouraging their brands to advertise on the channel, in the end they will come.

With our viewing figures growing by the day, it's just a matter of time before great businesses like Tesco and Sainsbury, IKEA, Ford, boots the chemist, Santander - you name it - will come our way.

If they care about you, and want to reach out to you and want to sell their products to you, they will ignore the haters and put their money where their mouth is.

Right now though, there are dark forces at work, who hate a diversity of views in the media and who want to stitch up the national conversation, something we saw elsewhere in the media during Brexit and the pandemic, and which we will continue to see with the issues around climate change.

These practitioners of cancel culture are judging you, they look down on you – or worse – are ashamed of the opinions the perceive you to hold. You are bad people, for not participating in the woke north London, liberal groupthink.

If that wasn’t true, why are they so keen, to close down GB News and deprive you of a voice?

In the end we're running our own race folks, it's a marathon not a Sprint and we will win.

We are the People's Channel, and it's people power, that will see us to victory.

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